Snazaroo: How to Paint a Union Jack Mask with Face Paints | Platinum Jubilee

Snazaroo: How to Paint a Union Jack Mask with Face Paints | Platinum Jubilee

Union Jack Mask:


What you’ll need:

18ml paints pots of:

  • Royal Blue
  • Red
  • White
  • Black
  • Along with:

  • Brushes

    Union Jack Mask Step one

    Step One:

    Start by sketching the outline of a mask, starting above your eyebrows and ending just above the tip of your nose. Keep your lines light using a thin brush and black paint. Don’t forget to draw holes around your eyes.

    Using red face paint, you can now paint the red lines of the Union Jack. This will include one vertical line down your nose from the top to the bottom of the mask, a short horizontal line between your eyes and either side of your eye holes, and four diagonal lines from the corners of the mask to that central horizontal line.

    Union Jack Mask Step two

    Step Two:

    Next, using royal blue face paint, colour in your mask in segments around the red lines. Be sure to leave a gap between the red and the blue sections for you to add white lines later.

    Then use a light blue face paint (you could mix royal blue and white for this) add highlight ontop of the royal blue where the light would catch the mask.

    Union Jack Mask Step three

    Step Three:

    Ensure all your paint has dried before continuing. This is important to make sure the colours don’t mix and make the white murky.

    You can now fill in the gaps you have left between red and blue with white face paint. To finish, add black around the outline of the mask to create a shadow and give the mask the appearance of being 3D.

    And there you have it – one beautiful union jack mask that you can do in less than half an hour!

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