Snazaroo: How to Paint a Diamond with Face Paints | Platinum Jubilee

Snazaroo: How to Paint a Diamond with Face Paints | Platinum Jubilee

Jubilee Diamond:


What you’ll need:

18ml paints pots of:

  • Royal Blue
  • Turquoise
  • White
  • Along with:

  • Brushes
  • White Brush Pen

    Jubilee Diamond Step one

    Step One:

    Taking Royal blue and turquoise, create a dramatic winged cat eyeliner. Starting in the inner corner of your eye use a lighter shade and then gradient out to a darker colour on the outer edge of your lid – extend out to the edge of your brow. You can use a damp brush to blend the paints together so you have a smooth gradient finish.

    Then, taking Snazaroo white paint and a brush add some graphic lines to the bottom lid.

    (OPTIONAL: Taking Snazaroo multicolor glitter and some lash glue pat lightly across the middle of the eye for a glittery effect.)

    Jubilee Diamond Step two

    Step Two:

    Taking a white brush pen, outline the shape of a diamond on both cheeks.

    You will then be using 3 colours to achieve the diamond sparkle shown:

  • Royal Blue
  • Turquoise
  • White
  • Jubilee Diamond Step three

    Step Three:

    Mix together:

    • White and Turqoise (WT)
    • Turquoise and Royal Blue (TR)

    And now you can start to fill in the diamonds with the colours to create a 3D diamond effect. Add the colours in this order:

    Turquoise, Royal blue, TR, WT, white and Royal blue.

    Jubilee Diamond Step four

    Step Four:

    Once the diamond is completely filled in you can go back in and add a little white shading to the edges to give the diamond dimension.

    To finish, using white and a brush add the sparkly final touches of drawing a small star on the edges of the diamonds to give a beautiful sparkle effect.

    And there you have it – a beautiful diamond design that you can achieve in less than half an hour!

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