Sarah Hilary: Marnie’s Case Crackers

Sarah Hilary: Marnie’s Case Crackers

Ten Times Marnie Worked with New Partners, and One Time She Couldn’t

Marnie Rome has a great partner in DS Noah Jake, but that didn’t stop me imagining what would happen if I teamed her up with some of my favourite fictional detectives…

1. Jack Caffrey

  1. Who: Tortured hero of Mo Hayder’s Walking Man series.
  2. Upside: Jack and Marnie both have tragic pasts, and an unconventional method of coping.
  3. Downside: Too much empathy might get in the way of their work.
  4. Upshot: Marnie would find Jack’s brooding silences a bit much. Ultimately, she’d prefer working with Flea, his police diver.

2. Clarice Starling

  1. Who: FBI Special Agent who brought down Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs.
  2. Upside: What’s better than one kick-ass female detective? Two kick-ass female detectives.
  3. Downside: The FBI would become suspicious of all those prison visits; Clarice to Hannibal Lecter, and Marnie to Stephen Keele.
  4. Upshot: They’d hang out in bars, undercover, so they could compare notes on their pet psychos.

3. John Luther

  1. Who: Brooding, great-coated hero of Neil Cross’s hit TV drama.
  2. Upside: Marnie would control John’s worst impulses, and he’d encourage hers.
  3. Downside: He already has a dangerous redhead he hangs out with, way too much.
  4. Upshot: Alice would try to kill Marnie.

4. Lacey Flint

  1. Who: Edgy heroine of Sharon Bolton’s crime series.
  2. Upside: Marnie and Lacey are all about secrets, and teenage rebellion.
  3. Downside: Marnie would want to solve the mystery of Lacey’s true identity.
  4. Upshot: If they’d met as sixteen year olds, they’d have been best friends, or sworn enemies.

5. Patrick Jane

  1. Who: Reformed (almost) con-man turned police consultant.
  2. Upside: He’s the Mentalist; she’s Marnie Rome. They’d solve crimes at the speed of light.
  3. Downside: The FBI would get in the way of their teamwork.
  4. Upshot: If all else fails, they could run away to the circus together.

6. Jane Tennison

  1. Who: Formidable heroine of Lynda la Plante’s Prime Suspect series, about to get her own prequel.
  2. Upside: DCI Tennison paved the way for Marnie to follow in her footsteps.
  3. Downside: They’d intimidate too many men.
  4. Upshot: Jane would watch Marnie’s progress from afar.

7. Archie Sheridan

  1. Who: Tormented hero of Chelsea Cain’s crime series.
  2. Upside: Archie and Marnie know all about crazy killers and how to get close to them.
  3. Downside: Marnie would be rooting for Susan and Archie to get together.
  4. Upshot: Gretchen would try to kill Marnie.

8. Milo Sturgis

  1. Who: Gay homicide detective hero of Jonathan Kellerman’s crime series.
  2. Upside: Marnie gets to go to Hollywood, or Milo comes to London.
  3. Downside: Too many psycho celebrities.
  4. Upshot: Marnie would introduce Milo to French toast, and Noah would take him clubbing up West.

9. Saga Norén

  1. Who: Blunt but brilliant detective in The Bridge.
  2. Upside: Antisocial heroines solve crimes together.
  3. Downside: I can’t actually think of one.
  4. Upshot: The world is not ready for that much Cool.

10. Commissaire Jean-Baptiste Adamsberg

  1. Who: Peripatetic police chief, hero of Fred Vargas’s crime series.
  2. Upside: Marnie gets to go to Paris, and hang out with Violette Retancourt.
  3. Downside: Adamsberg would drive her crazy in about a day and a half.
  4. Upshot: All that coffee…

And One Time She Couldn’t:

1. Sherlock Holmes

  1. Who: Seriously?
  2. Upside: A chance for Marnie to get her geek on. Nothing he kept in his fridge would surprise her.
  3. Downside: No one likes a smartarse.
  4. Upshot: He’d try to solve the mystery in her past, and then she’d have to hire Alice and Gretchen to take care of him.

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