Samuel Bjork: My Favourite Things

Samuel Bjork: My Favourite Things


Top 5 albums to listen to when writing:

  1. My Bloody Valentine – Loveless
  2. Sonic Youth – Goo
  3. Sigur Ros – Aegætis Byrjun
  4. Brightblack Morning Light – Brightblack Morning Light
  5. Electric Wizard – Dopethrone

Music. There was just something about it. Maybe it was because we were so secluded in the small town I grew up in. We didn’t have access to anything. And suddenly these new sounds came seeping through the woods and made us feel alive. I remember my friend had figured out that if we walked up on a hill nearby we could catch the radio waves from the city. So we would go there every Friday, and hold our radio up in the air, listening to the latest hits from an underground station in London. And then many years later going to a party, a friend of mine looked at me, smiled, and said: Listen to this. He played the first track from the My Bloody Valentine album Loveless. I couldn’t believe it. After that I made six albums of my own, but I never even came close to that good.


5 books that I adore:

  1. Bret Easton Ellis – American psycho
  2. Jeff Noon – Cobralingus
  3. Alex Garland – The Beach
  4. Donna Tartt – The Secret History
  5. John Fowles – The Magus

I think it was the Danish author Susanne Brögger who once said ‘The saddest thing about being a writer, is that you stop enjoying reading books’. This is true. At least for me. Suddenly this world of make-belief and magic is not so fantastic anymore, because I understand now how it was created. Nonetheless, and luckily, there will always be someone who rises above all of this. Special voices. I think the most underestimated writer in this century is the British author Jeff Noon. For me he is Nobel Prize material. He does things in his work I have never seen done before. And I think that in two hundred years when they study our history, they there will be one book that describes our present time and culture more accurately than any other: American Psycho. I have never been so scared, or become so changed while reading. Pure genius.


5 movies for inspiration:

  1. Andrea Arnold – Fish Tank
  2. Mike Leigh – Secrets and lies
  3. P.T. Anderson – Magnolia
  4. Woody Allen – Interiors
  5. David Lynch – Mulholland Drive

For some reason I was never that interested in movies. For me they were just entertainment. Tarzan with my grandfather. Grease with some friends, that later wanted us to start a motorcycle-club, even if only a few of us had bikes. But it didn’t get to me. Books were my passion. I liked creating worlds in my own head. But then one day a friend introduced me to this British director, Mike Leigh. And from that time I was hooked. British realism, to me, felt like the only right thing to be a part of. Then Ingmar Bergman. Then Woody Allen. The Swedish and American equivalents. Depressed. Intelligent. Funny. My all-time favorite movie is from a British director, Andrea Arnold. It’s just the most perfect and beautiful story: A young girl, only 15, survives her struggles in a British suburb. Strong and determined. Her name was Mia. And I decided to name my main character after her.

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