Romance and Erotica #WHSBookmarks

Romance and Erotica #WHSBookmarks

“We are all fools in love” – Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Following the crime segment of #WHSBookmarks [read more here], we’re now moving onto the heart-racing, eyelash-fluttering genre of Romance and Erotica. From beautiful tales of couples sweeping each other off their feet, to the racy stories that get you hot under the collar – we’ll be talking all things love-related.

As we get underway, we’ll be picking your brain for recommendations and debates around the greatest literature couples, the best romantic quotes and of course the best romance books of all time. Although romance is a genre in its own right, it is also a prominent theme in many books of other genres, and so we fully expect to see Bella and Edward (or Jacob, depending on which team you’re on), Hazel and Augustus and Sami & Remi Fargo up there with the great couples in literature.

You can join in with our debates on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram using the hashtag #WHSBookmarks and the hashtag of the particular debate you’re interested in – we’ll announce each one as we pose our questions.

As well as passionate books conversations on our social channels, we’ll be getting all gooey eyed on our blog with exclusive previews, tops 10’s, quizzes and lots more. Plus, we have some truly exciting prizes to give away so keep the coyness for the bashful brides and get stuck in with your recommendations.

If you have any suggestions for questions or topics that you’d love to debate with fellow romance/erotica book lovers then let us know using the hashtags #WHSBookmarks #Ideas.

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