Dawn French: How I Write

Dawn French: How I Write

Dawn French: How I Write Transcript

Well, I think that I write as I imagine it would look and I think that I write in the present tense a lot. So I am in the room with those people and I think a lot of my life has been about you know either acting or just acting the goat, frankly, pretending to be other people so I will absolutely inhabit those characters when I’m writing them because I can’t think of any other way to do it. Plus it wouldn’t be as much fun, if I wasn’t them.

But before I start any real writing I have big whole pages with every scene that I want to write and I will call them scenes rather than chapters just because then I can see them and I write that all completely out. That doesn’t mean to say I can’t veer from that, and I do sometimes, but that gives me a structure and that makes me feel safe in the knowledge that I’ve worked out where we’re going.

When you say screen you’re assuming that I write on the computer. You see, I am one of those people – I haven’t exactly got a chisel and a tablet and I haven’t got a quill and some ink but I have got a pencil and a lined pad. I couldn’t possibly have anything near me that might allow me to watch Madonna on YouTube. I couldn’t have the temptation of anything like that anywhere near me or shopping, or even finding out how Plymouth Argyle are doing, or anything like that. I can’t have any of that.

But no I basically work office hours and if I do that I feel like I’ve put the time in. Now, whether I’ve written two words in that time or whether I’ve written two pages or twenty pages (never) then who knows, that can really vary and that will depend. My mood at the end of the day will utterly rely on whether I’ve written anything any good.

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