Cara Hunter: Everything you Need to Know About Team Fawley

Cara Hunter: Everything you Need to Know About Team Fawley

Name: Adam Fawley

Rank: Detective Inspector

Age: 44 at the time of Close to Home

Height: 6′

Married?: Yes, to Alex, 42. She’s a lawyer working in Oxford. Beautiful, sassy, and sad…

Children?: One, once. The Fawleys’ ten-year-old son Jake died six months before Close to Home begins. This devastating back-story runs underneath Close to Home, and the later books. The truth about how Jake died is finally revealed at the very end of Close to Home.

What else do you need to know?: Before Jake was born, the Fawleys had struggled to conceive, and one of the themes of In The Dark is the conflict between Alex’s desire to adopt a child after losing Jake, and Adam’s reluctance to do that, because he himself is adopted (though his parents have never actually told him – he found the papers by accident when he was ten and has never spoken to them about it).

Personality: Thoughtful, understated. Often impatient, occasionally short-tempered.

“Fawley is far and away the best-looking man in the station. The fact that he seems entirely unaware of it only adds to the attraction.”

I think he looks like…: A young Mark Carney. Or perhaps James Purefoy.

As for Alex, she’d be Natascha McElhone, though with darker hair

My favourite Fawley quotes:

Fawley’s ‘first law of policing’: “Three complex answers to one simple question. Liars always overkill.”

“If ten years of interrogation have taught me anything it’s when at a wall, stop pushing.”

“It’s not what you’re looking at, it’s where you’re standing, that determines what you see” (from In The Dark)

Name: Gareth Quinn

Rank: Acting Detective Sergeant in Close to Home, which is made official in In The Dark

Age: 34 at the time of Close to Home

Height: 6′ 1 ″

Married?: No chance

Personality: Cocky, confident, ambitious. Flashy car and equally flashy apartment. Has a short fuse and a thing about rats.

Known as ‘GQ’ in the police station, which he pretends to dislike, but is actually rather proud of. Fawley describes him as “sharp suit and blunt razor”. And he’s definitely a ladies’ man: “He operates with some sort of bat-like sex echo system, constantly sending out signals and seeing how they bounce back” (from In The Dark).

What else do you need to know?: Quinn has a definite self-destructive streak. As Fawley observes in In The Dark “Gislingham has always been exceptionally good at knowing when to stop digging, but Quinn carries his own set of shovels.”

I think he looks like…: Kevin Pietersen

My favourite Quinn quotes: “Get that lot on the pavement under control, will you. It’s like something out of the fucking Wicker Man out here” (from In The Dark)

“Quinn took to DS like a dog to water – zero hesitation, maximum splash” (from In The Dark)

Name: Chris Gislingham

Rank: Detective Constable

Age: 40 at the time of Close to Home

Height: 5′ 8 ″

Married?: Yes, to Janet

Children: The Gislinghams are pregnant with their first child in the course of Close to Home.

Personality: Chirpy, good humoured, hard-working, decent. And a serious Chelsea fan.

He has an ongoing love-hate needle match with Quinn, especially after the latter gets promoted

“Always described as ‘sturdy’ and ‘solid’, and not just because he’s getting a bit chunky round the middle. Unlike Quinn hasn’t made DS and given his age, probably won’t now. But don’t judge him on that. Every CID team needs a Gislingham, and if you were drowning, he’s the one you’d want on the other end of the rope” (from In The Dark)

What else do you need to know?: Gis is big mates with Verity Everett, and rather fancies Erica Somer, even though he’d never do anything about it. Though he’s not above using that fact to get up Quinn’s nose…

I think he looks like…: Rory Kinnear

My favourite Quinn quotes: “It’s Gislingham who comes right out with it, Stating The Bleeding Obvious being his usual stock-in-trade. But hey, every team should have one. Especially in this job.”

Name: Verity Everett

Rank: Detective Constable

Age: 31 at the time of Close to Home

Height: 5′ 6 ″

Married?: No. But has a cat (Hector)

Personality: Easy-going personally, ruthless professionally. Lacks the confidence she should have in her own abilities (which Fawley is well aware of).

Trained as a nurse before becoming a police officer, “but she keeps that one quiet, knowing that all it would do is give her male colleagues one more excuse to make her the one to break bad news.”

What else do you need to know?: Ev’s widowed father is in the early stages of dementia, and it’s becoming a worry for her.

I think he looks like…: Pauline Quirke

My favourite Quinn quotes: “I told her once, with a name like that she was destined for this job. And she won’t give up looking for it either – the truth, I mean.”

“She may look like Miss Marple must have done at 35, but she’s every bit as relentless. Or as Gislingham always puts it, Ev was definitely a bloodhound in a previous life” (from In The Dark)

Name: Erica Somer

Rank: Constable

Age: 27 at the time of Close to Home

Height: 5′ 6 ″

Married?: No.

Personality: English graduate and worked as a teacher before becoming a police officer.

What else do you need to know?: Erica’s surname is an anagram of ‘Morse’, and she has the same initial – my nod to Oxford’s greatest detective!

I think he looks like…: Samantha Janus

My favourite Quinn quotes: From In The Dark, when Quinn is interviewing an attractive young girl who’s running rings round him:

“I know why Fawley wanted a woman in on this, thinks Somer. Because I’m not falling for this winsome bullshit.”

Name: Andrew Baxter

Rank: Detective Constable

Age: 36 at the time of Close to Home

Height: 5′ 11 ″

Married?: Yes, but no children.

Personality: Stolid but dependable. Good with computers so often gets lumbered with that sort of stuff – “he doesn’t need to dig that deep to find his inner geek.”

“A solid man in a suit that’s a bit too small for him. The buttons on his shirt gape slightly. Balding, a little out of breath. Halfway to high blood pressure. He looks forty but he’s probably at least five years younger” (from In The Dark)

What else do you need to know?: Supports Aston Villa, which gets him a predictable amount of stick from Gislingham. Likes the odd flutter, too.

I think he looks like…: Sean Rigby

My favourite Quinn quotes:“We need to be clear who’s doing what so we don’t end up chasing our tails or falling arse over tit. Feel free to choose your own cliché if those don’t hit the spot.”