The Richard and Judy Spring Book Club 2017 WINNER!

The Richard and Judy Spring Book Club 2017 WINNER!

“To hear that my book has won the Richard and Judy Reader’s Vote is the icing on a very sweet cake because I’ve now read all of the other titles on the list and would have been very happy for any of them to win. What can I say? Richard and Judy have excellent taste! Huge thanks to the super team at WHSmith and of course, to Richard Madeley & Judy Finnigan, whose love of books has endeared them to readers and writers alike. The biggest thanks of all to the readers who took the time to read and vote. Your encouragement means everything.” – Liz Nugent

Lying in Wait is a compelling story with characters that stay with you long after you’ve finished reading. Respected judge Andrew Fitzsimons and his wife Lydia have murdered a young woman named Annie Doyle and buried her in their back garden. Andrew is falling apart in the aftermath of their crime, but Lydia is calm and focused on protecting their son Laurence from the consequences. Laurence is smarter than she thinks however, and he’s soon worked out what’s buried in his parent’s garden and who it is. What happens next is a complex and twisting story of deceit, manipulation and betrayal that will leave your head spinning by the end. Judy called it ‘so macabre that at times you (almost) want to laugh’ and Richard described it as ‘darker and murkier by the page’. Our book club readers loved it too…

“A very good book, loved the twist at the end, didn’t expect that, would recommend this book to everyone…love it xx” – Lorraine Tomlinson, Facebook

“Hey @LizzieNugent, I am so into #LyingInWait right now it has taken my weekend away from me! #SorryNotSorry #CrimeFiction #AmReading #WHSRJ” – Sian Dennis, Twitter

“Just finished this book, the ending was so good was not expecting that…Highly recommend #LizNugent #LyingInWait #RichardAndJudyBookClub” – Imem, Instagram

Congratulations to Liz, and thanks very much to everyone that voted!

The Richard and Judy Summer 2017 Book Club has now launched, and you can find out more about the eight new books here.

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