Richard and Judy Introduce Fifty Fifty by Steve Cavanagh

Richard and Judy Introduce Fifty Fifty by Steve Cavanagh

Judy’s Review

Eddie Flynn is a New York lawyer with a conscience. When he’s asked to defend Sofia Avellino on a murder charge he decides to take the case based on gut instinct. Sofia is about to stand trial jointly with her identical twin sister Alexandra, accused of murdering their own father. Both sisters admit to being in their father’s apartment on the night he died. But each woman insists the other is the killer; Sofia says she’s innocent; Alexandra furiously denies her sister’s story.

Sofia is the underdog; she is mentally unstable with a history of alcohol and drug abuse. Eddie warms to her vulnerability and agrees to defend her. Meanwhile her sister Alex is the opposite if Sofia. Successful, groomed, and beautiful, she hires an expensive legal team. The stage is set. Has Eddie Flynn chosen the innocent sister? Which one is truly guilty? Or are they both.


Richard’s Review

Fifty-Fifty is a very clever legal drama: Eddie Flynn, the sharp but morally decent defence lawyer, is a great character, and the story unfolds from his viewpoint. But Eddie’s point of view is interspersed with chapters narrated by ‘She’ – the killer. These sections are written with devilish cunning. All we are allowed to know about the vicious and psychopathic ‘She’ is that she haunts the city on a motorbike, sexlessly concealed in black leather and smoked glass-visored helmet, ruthlessly vaporising anyone who could reveal her identity.

But is ‘She’ Sofia, Alex, or someone else entirely?

Sofia and Alex hate each other; we learn their mother was emotionally abusive and died in an apparently accidental fall down the stairs. Again, both girls were present. Since then the twins have seen little of each other, until the fateful night when one calls 911 from their father’s apartment where both are found with his butchered body.

This is a great read – pacey, twisting, and irresistible.

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