Richard and Judy Introduce We Know You Know by Erin Kelly

Richard and Judy Introduce We Know You Know by Erin Kelly

Richard’s Review

Fancy a weekend retreat; a bolthole of your very own? How about a cosy apartment in a newly-converted project in pretty rural Suffolk? Perfect for nearby Londoners. People like Marianne Smy and her husband Sam, who buys one of the luxury units as a surprise for his wife. Marianne’s surprised, all right. Indeed, she’s shocked to her very core.

Because the building was once known as the East Anglia Pauper Lunatic Asylum, later re-named Nazareth Asylum. And Marianne has very, very bad memories of the place. She once knew it, intimately – and the terrible things that happened there. Things she was complicit in and has spent a lifetime trying to forget. So she’s not just shocked at this totally unexpected return to her past. She’s terrified.


Judy’s Review

Thirty years ago Marianne did something so terrible she had to flee her home. Since then she has re-invented herself. Now, she’s a wonderful mother, a loyal wife to Sam, and has carved out a career for herself as a successful academic.

So what happened all those years ago? Can a building wield a baleful, malign influence because of the things that once took place within it’s walls? There are more than a few echoes of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest about We Know You Know; a harking back to a grim era when mental health care was nothing like the enlightened discipline it is today.

Twists, shocks and a running undercurrent of suspense fill these pages. Another Erin Kelly cracker.

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