Richard and Judy Introduce So Lucky by Dawn O’Porter

Richard and Judy Introduce So Lucky by Dawn O’Porter

Judy’s Review

Like its author, So Lucky is bold, confident, and very funny. Extremely raunchy, in fact. Dawn pulls no punches when it comes to describing body parts or sexual acts. So not a book for modest souls – but it’s a very modern novel, and along with its wit and humour delivers a serious critique of the world as seen through social media.

On Instagram everyone looks amazing and seems to be enjoying the most wonderful life. Everyone, especially the girls, wants to be envied and admired; everyone wants their followers to sigh: ‘Oh, she’s so lucky!’

But what’s the reality? Through O’Porter we find out, via the stories of three very different women: Lauren, a beautiful Instagram ‘influencer’; Ruby, a single mum, successful in her career as a photo re-toucher; and Beth, a wedding-planner, her own boss and enviously believed by everyone to be having It all.


Richard’s Review

O’Porter proceeds mercilessly to dissect the ‘perfect’ lives of these three women. Lauren may be beautiful and about to marry a handsome millionaire businessman, but she’s secretly deeply insecure and tortured by childhood trauma. Ruby is certainly the best photo re-toucher in the business, ensuring models and celebs look glossily perfect in magazines, but she’s consumed with shame about her own body and hopelessly conflicted about motherhood (in fact, she’s a lousy mum).

And Beth? Beth is planning Lauren’s superstar wedding and has an ostensibly wonderful husband who is caring for their baby son, so she can work. But she has a secret too. Beth hasn’t had sex for a year.

This novel is a deliciously naughty read. It’s funny, frank and fearless, but also hugely perceptive about the demands social media puts on women, compassionate about how low self-esteem can destroy, and the gap between internet perception and real world reality.

We both think it’s fabulous.

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