Richard and Judy Introduce Half a World Away by Mike Gayle

Richard and Judy Introduce Half a World Away by Mike Gayle

Richard’s Review

I absolutely loved this book. It’s unashamedly sentimental, emotional, and wears its heart firmly on its sleeve.

You’ll be uplifted and heartbroken by turns as you turn the pages. You won’t want the story to end. And throughout, you’ll fervently wish that the two central characters, Kerry and Noah, find fulfilment.

Kerry is a single mother. She has a hard life working long hours as a cleaner to put food on the table for herself and her son. They live on a tough south London housing estate; the millionaires’ homes Kerry works in are indeed half a world away from her tiny council flat – as is Noah, a top barrister living in leafy Primrose Hill with his wife and daughter.

So what could possibly connect him to Kerry?

Judy’s Review

The answer lies in their shared past.

Kerry was taken into care; Noah was adopted. But until they were torn apart, they were brother and sister living under the same roof with their totally dysfunctional mother.

Kerry was the eldest and doted on her baby brother: she adored him and took care of him. She never stopped thinking about Noah as she grew up in a harsh children’s home.

As an adult, Kerry is desperate to contact her beloved brother, to see how his life turned out compared with hers. And she eventually finds him. Their reunion will change both their lives forever – and the twist at the end of this wonderful story will break your heart.


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