Richard & Judy Introduce The Split by Sharon Bolton

Richard & Judy Introduce The Split by Sharon Bolton

Richard’s Review

Felicity Lloyd has issues, that’s for sure. A young, seemingly carefree woman, she suffers from severe, intermittent memory loss. Whole sections of her past are blank pages. She is mystified by entries in her own diary. She thinks she is being stalked, and that someone has broken into her home. But she has no problems remembering Freddie. Freddie is her ex-husband, about to be released from jail after serving a sentence for murder. And Felicity is in no doubt Freddie will try to track her down, with unthinkable consequences.

As a widely-respected glaciologist, Felicity decides to quit Cambridge and take a job with a tiny research team based on the remote island of South Georgia in the southern Atlantic, close to Antarctica. It’s about as far away from Freddie as she can get. But will it be far enough?


Judy’s Review

I loved the atmospheric qualities of this story; Felicity’s fractured, tormented mind; South Georgia’s savage, frozen beauty. Sharon Bolton writes wonderfully descriptive prose about the island. ‘Ribbon-thin streams pour over mountains that shine gold in the early sun. The water of Cumberland Bay is aquamarine, still as glass. Even the derelict whaling station is picturesque at a distance, a scattering of rust-red buildings along the curve of the coast.’

But poor Felicity is a woman on the run. She dreads Freddie arriving on one of the last ships to drop anchor off South Georgia before the bitter southern winter cuts the island off for months. She even volunteers for an incredibly dangerous survey of a freezing glacial lake, about to suddenly drain catastrophically into the sea as a giant ice-plug melts. Anything to get away from Freddie.

You won’t see the plot twist at the end coming. Enjoy.

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