Welcome to the new Richard and Judy April 2021 Book Club, featuring six new titles chosen by our favourite book-loving couple to get us reading, thinking and talking about exciting new stories. As usual, we will have everything you need to get the most out of the book club, including reviews by Richard and Judy! Get reading today and join in with the conversation online afterwards.

Because of You by Dawn French

A fabulous emotional tearjerker of a novel about two mothers and one girl. On January 1st 2000 Hope and Anna are both giving birth to baby girls in the same hospital. But while Hope leaves clutching her baby, Minnie, close to her chest, Anna leaves with empty arms. A terrible wrong has been done. 17 years later, the gods of motherhood take their revenge... Read More

The Kingdom by Jo Nesbo

A grippingly dark standalone thriller. The story of two brothers from a rural mountain village in Norway; one lives there in reclusive seclusion until his younger brother returns from years abroad, now a successful property dealer with a beautiful wife and a controversial business proposal. There follows a stunning tale of deep, murderous family secrets, murky intrigue and bitter jealousy. Utterly compelling. We loved it...Read More

Moonflower Murders by Anthony Horowitz

One winter’s afternoon in 1980 a young woman meets an older writer and quickly falls under her spell. The writer, Connie, is famous; her successful novel is being made into a major Hollywood film. Young Elise accompanies Connie to L.A. Thirty years later Elise’s daughter, Rose, seeks answers about her missing mother. Posing as a secretary she tricks Connie into revealing hidden secrets... Read More

the Miseducation of Evie Epworth by Matson Taylor

You can’t go wrong with a wicked stepmother story, and that’s what this is – but with lashings of quirky humour and larger-than-life characters. Actually, the awful Christine is a stepmother-to-be to 16 year old Evie - and Evie is absolutely determined to stop that happening. Can she rescue herself and her father from Christine’s grasping, manipulative clutches? Sit back and enjoy writer Matson Taylor’s wild ride.Read More

The Whole Truth by Cara Hunter

An Oxford student accuses a University Professor of rape. The twist is the Professor is a woman, and her accuser a 6ft tall male rugby player. Meanwhile a brutal serial killer is released from prison, and a woman is raped and murdered. DI Adam Fawley pursues both cases, and finds revenge works both ways. A grippingly excellent thriller, full of drama and suspense...Read More

The Pull of the Stars by Emma Donoghue

An intense, gripping, deeply moving story about expectant mothers who have come down with a terrifying new type of flu and are quarantined together in a tiny hospital ward. It is Dublin, 1918, and Spanish Flu is scourging the world. Nurse Julia Power works tirelessly to save the women and their babies – you’ll want to give her a medal by the time you’ve finished this incredible story. If you’re stuck at home in today’s lockdown, you’ll probably finish it in one sitting.... Read More