We are thrilled to announce the return of The Richard and Judy Book Club for Summer 2016! With eight fantastic titles to get stuck into, you’ll have plenty to read this Summer. Explore the club to find out about the books and their authors from exclusive Q&A’s, podcasts, videos and much more. Don’t forget to join the discussion - we’ve put together some questions for you to print off and take along to your Book Club or simply post your answers in the comments. Once you’ve finished them all you'll be able to vote for your favourite book, so what are you waiting for? Get reading!

The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins

Rachel catches the same commuter train every morning. She knows it will wait at the same signal each time...Read More

Rogue Lawyer- John Grisham

Sebastian Rudd takes the cases no one else wants to take: the drug-addled punk accused of murdering two little girls...Read More

According to Yes - Dawn French

The Foreign Land of the Very Wealthy - otherwise known as Manhattan's Upper East Side - has its own rigid code of behaviour....Read More

Those We Left Behind - Stuart Neville

DCI Serena Flanagan is forced to confront a disturbing case from her past: the murder conviction of a 12-year-old-boy...Read More

Sweet Caress - William Boyd

Amory Clay's first memory is of her father doing a handstand - but it is his absences that she chiefly remembers...Read More

The Girls - Lisa Jewell

Dark secrets, a devastating mystery and the games people play...Read More

A Dictionary of Mutual Understanding - Jackie Copleton

Amaterasu Takahashi has spent her life grieving for her daughter Yuko and grandson Hideo, who were victims of the atomic bomb...Read More

The Last Act of Love - Cathy Rentzenbrink

In the summer of 1990, Cathy's brother Matty was knocked down by a car on the way home from a night out...Read More