The Richard and Judy Book Club July 2020

The Richard and Judy Book Club July 2020

Welcome to the new Richard and Judy Book Club July 2020, featuring six new titles chosen by our favourite book-loving couple to get us reading, thinking and talking about exciting new stories. As usual, we will have everything you need to get the most out of the book club, including reviews by Richard and Judy! Get reading today and join in with the conversation online afterwards.

The Second Sleep by Robert Harris

England, 1468. Not in the past, but centuries into our future. Civilisation has suffered a sudden blow as catastrophic as the event that wiped out the dinosaurs, and mankind has had to start again. A still-tiny population lives in medieval conditions under one over-arching rule: all knowledge of past technology is strictly forbidden: terrible punishments await transgressors. Christopher Fairfax, a young priest, gradually finds himself questioning this commandment. Will it destroy him?... Read More

Queen Bee by Jane Fallon

A hugely entertaining book, this. Laura moves into a tiny annexe in a swish, leafy London suburb after her marriage implodes. Almost immediately she tangles with The Close’s ‘queen bee’, the beautiful Stella, who wrongly suspects Laura of making a play for her fiancé, Al. Then Laura discovers Al’s not-so-little secret – and the gloves come off... Read More

We Know You Know by Erin Kelly

A former asylum is converted into luxury flats. Marianne is horrified to learn her husband has invested in one of the new apartments and expects them to spend time there. Why? Why does the past hold terrors for her, and what dreadful secret has she been hiding all her adult life? Will it be revealed now? Another page-turner from Erin Kelly... Read More

So Lucky by Dawn O’Porter

Beth has the ‘perfect marriage’ but hasn’t had sex for a year. Ruby is outwardly chic and successful, but bitterly hates her body. Lauren is a beautiful Instagram ‘influencer’ but is suicidally unhappy behind her rapturous social media posts. A timely, bold, brilliant and witty novel about ‘having it all’...Read More

Expectation by Anna Hope

Three young women, close friends, full of expectation about the thrilling lives they hope to lead after university. Ten years later they struggle with thwarted hopes and profound disappointments. This is a wonderful novel about what it means to be a woman in the 21st century, and, crucially, about motherhood... Read More

The Lying Room by Nicci French

A compelling thriller about a wife and mother who finds her secret lover murdered in his flat. Desperate to keep her affair from her husband, she cleans up the murder scene to remove any proof of her involvement with the victim. But although she’s innocent, her efforts unravel and leave her in grave danger. A vibrant, very clever novel... Read More