Richard & Judy Introduce One of the Girls by Lucy Clarke

Richard & Judy Introduce One of the Girls by Lucy Clarke

Richard’s Review

You can read any book anywhere, obviously, but I’d thoroughly recommend the following location and accoutrements for this one.

  1. Beach/pool
  2. Sun lounger
  3. Sun hat
  4. Clinky drink/chilled glass wine

And you’re off – because Sunday Times best-selling novelist Lucy Clarke has penned a pretty- much perfect summer holiday read here. We loved it, and its pages redolent with hot Greek sunshine, icy, cooling mineral water, chilled wine, and… menace.

One of the Girls begins deceptively enough. Six young women arriving on a stunningly beautiful Greek island. Nothing to do but lose themselves in a hedonistic hen party over a long weekend. Great company, great weather, great surroundings… what could possibly go wrong?

By the final night – everything.


Judy’s Review

Gradually in this page-turner of a story we come to realise that ‘the girls’ of the title are not exactly what they seem. What starts as a light-hearted, brief sojourn in the sun for half a dozen friends darkens like a growing thundercloud.

Because one of these women is a cheat. Another is a liar. A third is a secret stranger. Swiftly the bonhomie and sense of freedom amongst friends under the Greek sun and starlight evaporates into a twisty psychological tangle, an increasingly complex and sticky web of secrets and lies. Trouble in paradise?

More like death. Because by the final night a body lies on the rocks beneath ‘the girls’’ cliff top terrace.

Who among them is a killer? You’ll have fun trying to guess.

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