Richard & Judy Introduce Moonflower Murders by Anthony Horowitz

Richard & Judy Introduce Moonflower Murders by Anthony Horowitz

Richard’s Review

You have to hand it to Horowitz: the guy never fails to deliver a total page-turner. Back in 2016 he wrote Magpie Murders; it became an instant global bestseller and picked up a string of awards. Moonflower Murders is the sequel – and what a sequel. We LOVED it.

Retired publisher Susan Ryeland said farewell city, hello paradise, when she quit her London life in exchange for the delights of a sun-kissed Greek island. She thought that running a small hotel there would be idyllic. But despite the compensations of sun, sea, and a slower pace of life, Susan is going quietly nuts. Nothing ever seems to work on the island; she’s exhausted by endless challenges and grinding responsibility.

Then her life changes in an instant: Susan must go back home, at once. She doesn’t realise she is about to risk her life.


Judy’s Review

Anthony Horowitz is so good at pivoting his stories onto their heads, launching his characters in totally unexpected new directions. That’s what happens to Susan.

An English couple come to visit with a strange tale of a murder that happened in a hotel on the very day their daughter was due to be married there. Meanwhile the daughter, Cecily, has now gone missing. She vanished barely hours after reading Atticus Pund Takes The Case, a crime novel that by a strange coincidence Susan edited during her London days.

The more she ponders the book, the murder, and the disappearance, the more certain she becomes that all three are somehow connected. She must fly home and investigate.

Susan doesn’t know she has just made the most dangerous decision of her life.

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