Richard & Judy Introduce I Have Something To Tell You by Susan Lewis

Richard & Judy Introduce I Have Something To Tell You by Susan Lewis

Judy’s Review

“When Edward Blake tells police, he had no idea his wife was at home, let alone being murdered upstairs in the spare bedroom while he was quietly watching TV downstairs, they not unnaturally don’t believe him. Especially when it quickly emerges that his wife was full of anger and deep resentment against him because she blamed him for the accidental death of their toddler son. But Jessica (Jay) Wells, a highflying lawyer with a flourishing practice and seemingly perfect domestic life – happy marriage, lovely children – decides to fight his case and against all the odds becomes convinced of his innocence.

“Susan Lewis is brilliant at deconstructing the so-called “perfect” lives of her heroines, who at the start of a novel seem to have it all, but whose initial good fortune is built on shaky ground. As always Lewis spins a tale of deep, questioning emotion as Jay’s private life unravels alongside the case against Edward Blake. But just when Jay feels her domestic unhappiness has turned into fresh joy . . . well, to say any more would be a spoiler. This is an intriguing book; yes, it’s a whodunnit but it’s so much more, revealing turbulent emotions and astonishing family secrets.


Richard’s Review

The sheer number of unexpected twists in this excellent novel is astonishing. Lewis builds a fascinating legal case and I guarantee you’ll keep changing your mind about what actually happened to Edward Blake’s wife right up to the end. I really enjoyed Lewis’s style, which is pacy and compellingly easy to read, consistently presenting the reader with alternative interpretations of the various characters’ guilt or innocence. And the sub-plot regarding the truth about Jay’s marriage to the deceiving Tom will have you spitting with annoyance and disbelief.

In short, I thoroughly enjoyed this twisty, deep and emotional story. Highly recommended.

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