Richard & Judy Introduce False Witness by Karin Slaughter

Richard & Judy Introduce False Witness by Karin Slaughter

Judy’s Review

“This hard hitting, devastating thriller pulls no punches. In the very first chapter there is a brilliant twist, the kind that makes you read the pages again, convinced you’ve missed something. It’s the first of many shocking reveals in a story of retribution and redemption, focusing on two sisters from a troubled background in Georgia. One night the younger girl, 14 years old, is brutally attacked. What follows is a night of searing violence that scars the sisters forever. Leigh, the older sibling, manages to build a life by studying law and is now a well paid defence attorney with a teenage daughter and a civilised relationship with her ex-husband. But many years after that terrible night she finds herself forced to defend a wealthy man accused of rape. When she meets him, she realises it’s no coincidence he’s insisted that she, and only she, should be his lawyer. The past is catching up.


Richard’s Review

Leigh’s new client, Andrew Tennant, knows exactly what happened twenty years ago, and why Leigh and her sister have spent their lives running from their terrible secret. Tennant, depraved, manipulative and psychotic, threatens to ruin Leigh, threatening not just her career but also her daughter unless she gets him acquitted. The only person who can help Leigh is her vulnerable younger sister, and the two are no longer close.

Karin Slaughter’s legions of fans will know she never shies away from shocking storylines, and this book is dark, graphic and powerful. But fans can also count on the strong social commentary which runs through her books, touching on sexual abuse, the vulnerability of young women, and toxic male violence. It’s strong stuff, but it’s outstanding.

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