Recipe for a Murder Mystery

Recipe for a Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery


For plot:

  1. ½ teaspoon of danger
  2. Victim (s) *Add according to taste. If you prefer mild violence then one victim may be enough. Always use victims from the same batch for a similar taste.
  3. A mixture of psychological and physical clues
  4. 1 character with traits that make them disposable
  5. Crime scene (s) *Dependent on victims
  6. 1 Sub-plot * One with a link to the detective’s personal life is recommended
  7. Drizzle of violence (optional)

For detective:

  1. Vice (s) *Add according to taste. Alcohol works particularly well.
  2. Logical but off-beat mindset
  3. Traumatic past

For suspects:

  1. Motive
  2. Means
  3. Opportunity
  4. A link to the detective

To serve:

  1. Drizzle of violence
  2. Drizzle of danger
  3. Suspense to garnish


1. Pre-heat environment to a tense, gritty city

2. Prepare the detective by adding the traumatic past to the logical but off-beat mindset and whisking thoroughly until smooth. Carefully beat in the vices one at a time to follow.

3. Prepare the crime scene by combining with a victim and a handful of clues to create an unusual texture.

4. Mix motive, means and opportunity in a separate bowl to create suspects. Gradually add a link to the detective for a more interesting result.

Top tip: the more ‘ordinary’ your suspects appear, the bigger impact they will make later in the recipe.

5. This recipe will be fast-paced and intensive so place tools and ingredients nearby for easy access


1. Add your unusual crime scene and victim mixture to a pan and bring to a boil.

2. Introduce the detective to the pan and leave to simmer. The vices and traumatic past may react with the mixture causing the detective to let off steam. This should settle down shortly.

3. Gradually stir half of your clues and all of your suspects into the mixture anti-clockwise. Take time to mix these thoroughly and bring each element to the surface.

4. Whilst the murder mystery mixture is simmering, put your sub-plot on and leave to simmer slowly in a separate pan.

5. Add the character with disposable traits to the murder mystery mix and stir in.

Top tip: Try to keep this character close to the detective whilst stirring for a bigger impact later in the recipe

6. If you have any additional victims and crime scenes then introduce to the mix at this point.

7. Gradually add the rest of your clues to the mix. You may find some of your suspects thicken in response.

8. Remove your sub-plot from the heat and allow to settle.

9. Turn the heat up on your murder mystery mix so that it returns to boiling point. At this point you should remove your character with disposable traits from the mix. You may wish to add a drizzle of violence to complement.

10. Begin stirring your mixture clockwise instead of anti-clockwise until the majority of your suspects have dissolved.

11. Add ½ teaspoon of danger. This will naturally combine with the detective to create a strong aroma of suspense. It will become more urgent that you work quickly to reach the end of the recipe at this point so be prepared.

12. The majority of your ingredients will have dissolved into the mix now, leaving your detective and a single suspect.

13. Stir your murder mystery rapidly until the logical but off-beat mindset brings the detective to the surface. The remaining suspect should start to dissolve in response, leaving behind a smooth, consistent mixture.

14. Plate up your murder mystery with the sub-plot and season with violence and danger. Add the suspense to garnish.

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