Read an Extract from The Hairy Bikers Blood, Sweat and Tyres: The Autobiography

Read an Extract from The Hairy Bikers Blood, Sweat and Tyres: The Autobiography

Si’s Idea

I began to kick project ideas around in my head involving me and Dave, on our motorbikes, exploring pastures new. We’d talked once about how we’d love to go on some epic bike rides that would enable us learn a bit of history, eat great food and soak up some culture along the way. What if we could make a TV programme out of it? This seemed to have far more scope than our extreme fishing idea. It could be a story of friendship; two mates on their bikes, on the road, on a journey of discovery.

We’d talked before about how it would be a leap of faith for anybody to put me and Dave on the other side of the camera, but what did we have to lose? Glen and Betsan had both said we should be on the telly when they saw us cooking together on that memorable New Year’s Eve, and why couldn’t we be?

Before approaching Dave with my idea I ran it past a friend in the industry, another assistant director called Lisa Jones. I just wanted to test the water and I didn’t even mention Dave’s name to Lisa, but as soon as she got the concept she said: ‘Dave Myers. It has to be Dave Myers, right?’

That gave me the push I needed. It was 2002 by now. Emails were still relatively new to me, but I bashed out the bones of my idea on a computer, got hold of an email address for Dave, who was staying at the Grand Hotel in Toronto, and sent it to him.

For my part it really was a case of desperate reinvention, and I was praying like mad that Dave would like the basic idea and agree to take it further. He ran it past some colleagues before he came back to me with the characteristically blunt response: ‘Nobody thinks it’s crap, Kingie.’

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