Questions We’re Hoping Zayn Will Answer In His Autobiography

Questions We’re Hoping Zayn Will Answer In His Autobiography

Does he still keep in touch with his Bradford mates?

We know that Zayn had a happy childhood, and that he’s still super close to his parents and three sisters – you probably know that one of the first things he did with his One Direction paycheque was buy them each a new house!

He has also talked about how growing up in a tight-knit, working-class community has shaped him and kept him grounded – apparently, most people from Bradford aren’t impressed by his fame!

But he has also said there were few opportunities there, and if the ‘BeFoUr’ video is anything to go by, life in his hometown was all boxing, hanging out on the streets and messing about in cars.

So looking back now, how does Zayn feel about his childhood? Does he still keep in touch with his old friends, or did they lose contact when he hit the big time?

How does he cope with fame?

It can’t have been easy being catapulted into global fame at 17! Zayn has grown up in front of the world’s eyes, all while struggling with an anxiety that often had him labelled as ‘the quiet one’.

As well as the usual press and paparazzi attention, not to mention those ‘passionate’ fans, Zayn has also found that his religion and ethnicity have been something of an issue. He was once described by The Fader as being “the West’s single most prominent Muslim celebrity,” and has received unwanted media scrutiny and even racial harassment for his background and beliefs – especially when he tweeted #FreePalestine.

Now that he’s older and forging his own path, he might just open up about his tumultuous relationship with fame. It seems that Zayn really wants the book to show people what he’s about and what drives him; so will he also muse on his religion and Pakistani heritage, we wonder, or will he keep that topic private?

Does he have any regrets about One Direction?

We all remember the controversy surrounding Zayn’s departure from 1D, with reports suggesting that the buddies had fallen out. Zayn always expressed his desire to remain friends with his ex-bandmates, but in reality it seems that just one year on, most of them have kept their distance. Does Zayn miss them, or has he made plenty of new friends to fill the void?

Zayn has been pretty quiet on the subject so far, so we’re hoping his book will reveal more to the story. Does he have any regrets about how he handled his departure, and how did the others really react to the news?

We can’t wait to see whether Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall get a special mention – and if so, whether he still has anything nice to say about them! On that note, will Simon Cowell get a mention too?!

What really happened between him and Perrie?

Zayn’s love life has always been a source of fascination, but he’s kept relatively quiet about his exes – although in a recent interview he did seem more willing to discuss his relationship with Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards.

Perhaps that has something to do with the recently-leaked extract from her upcoming autobiography, in which she confirms that he did end their four-year relationship via text – something Zayn has always denied.

And of course there’s the girls’ new song, Shout Out To My Ex, which suggests Perrie wasn’t too happy with a certain aspect of their relationship in particular! Not to mention the allegations of cheating and drug use that shadowed their time together.

So, will he try to put these rumours to bed (ahem) in his autobiography? And will he admit to any of the things he’s denied doing in the past? We’re hoping for a full-blown confessional!

Can we expect a graphic novel anytime soon?

It’s no secret that Zayn reveals his artistry through drawing as well as music. Not only is he always doodling away in his notepad, he has a graffiti room in his house – and of course there’s that famous ‘Zap!’ tattoo.

He’s a massive comic book fan and once visited the Marvel HQ in California, where he asked the illustrators for some tips on creating his own characters – to this day, they’re still in contact! At the time, a source told The Sun that Zayn “dreams of releasing a novel and is over the moon that Marvel artists are keeping in touch.”

He must have been even more thrilled when Marvel asked if they could turn his likeness into the new, updated version of comic book character Robbie Reyes – aka Ghost Rider.

Apparently, editor Mark Paniccia briefed illustrator Felipe Smith to draw Robbie as “a beefier version” of Zayn – “strong, with a quiet, troubled expression, kind of boyish.” Well, with the same cheekbones, brooding expression and signature blonde-streaked quiff (circa 2012), we think they were bang on the mark!

We’re hoping to see a lot more of Zayn’s geeky side in his book. He may not be releasing his own graphic novel just yet, but who knows, we might see a comic strip or two?! Or perhaps some drawings of his new gf, Gigi Hagid?

What are his favourite pieces of fan art?

It’s not just Zayn who appreciates art – his fans do too, sending him pictures of their own creations including sketches, drawings, graphics, paintings and even street art.

And just as his fans support him, Zayn is always keen to show them his love, support and thanks in return – often tweeting images of the artwork he has received, or sending hand-written ‘thank you’ notes in the post (jealous, much?). His official Facebook page even has an album dedicated to photos of fan art he has received over the last year.

If we know Zayn like we think we do, then he’s likely to commit some of his intimate book to his loyal fans. Perhaps he’ll feature a montage of his favourite pieces of fan art? Who knows, if you’ve ever sent Zayn one of your creations, you might even feature!

What direction will he go in now?

It’s clear that Zayn has come a long way since One Direction, and going solo has given him a creative freedom he seems to be relishing in. Embracing a more urban R&B sound, he’s now able to produce music that’s more expressive of himself and his tastes; including lyrics about mature subjects, such as sex – a topic he “hadn’t really been able to go near” in the band.

“Every lyric I’ve ever written has a story behind it,” an extract from his memoir reveals. “All the hard work that went into the creation of Pillowtalk was worthwhile because, as soon as it was finished, I intuitively felt I was on the right path.”

He’s also branching out into the fashion world – in addition to his upcoming 2017 collaboration with Versace, Zayn has his own line of limited edition tour merchandise. In an interview with Vogue, Zayn said of the collection: “I wanted to approach this as an opportunity to extend my ideas as an artist, and to give fans another facet of who I am.”

If you’re hoping to see more of Zayn’s multi-faceted talent and artistic vision, his book certainly promises to deliver.

Dying to read Zayn’s story in his own words and images? You don’t have to wait too much longer – Zayn: The Official Autobiography will be released on 1 November 2016, and you can pre-order your copy here!