Print & Colour Your Own Father’s Day Card: Lancaster Plane

Print & Colour Your Own Father’s Day Card: Lancaster Plane

Download and print out this card to give the father-figure in your life a Father’s Day card that celebrates one of the most iconic aircraft from our history.


Or why not print out and colour-in your own version of the Lancaster to add a personal touch this Father’s Day?



Lancaster: The Forging of a Very British Legend by John Nichol

Former RAF Tornado Navigator, Gulf War veteran and bestselling author John Nichol tells the inspiring and moving story of the legendary Lancaster aircraft that took the fight deep into the heart of Nazi Germany.

Of the 7,377 Lancasters built during the conflict, more than half were lost to enemy action or training accidents. The human cost was staggering. Of the 125,000 men who served in Bomber Command, over 55,000 were killed and another 8,400 were wounded. Some 10,000 survived being shot down, only to become prisoners of war. In simple, brutal terms, Harris’s aircrew had only a 40 per cent chance of surviving the war unscathed.

Sir Arthur Harris, the controversial chief of Royal Air Force Bomber Command, described the Lancaster as his ‘shining sword’ and the ‘greatest single factor in winning the war’. RAF bomber squadrons carried out offensive operations from the first day of the Second World War until the very last, more than five and a half years later. They flew nearly 300,000 sorties and dropped around a million tons of explosives, as well as life-saving supplies. Over 10,000 of their aircraft never returned.

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