Play Sophie McKenzie’s Interactive Game – Every Second Counts

Play Sophie McKenzie’s Interactive Game – Every Second Counts

Now set to release her 23rd book, Every Second Counts is a thought-provoking and gripping story, offering insight and depth into extremism and politics. Set in a near future England dealing with recession, this latest release continues Nat and Charlie’s story after being recruited into the secret English Freedom Army (EFA) as they navigate the danger and tricks of the world they now find themselves in. Full of action and suspense, we’re sure this is going to be another one of Sophie’s books that has us telling ourselves “just one more chapter” well into the early hours of the night.

‘An action-packed thriller…It’ll have you on the edge of your seat…’– Sugarscape

“A terrifying, fast-paced thriller that you won’t be able to put down” – Teen Now

Embracing Sophie’s trademark talent for suspense, her new interactive game allows the reader to take on the role of either Nat or Charlie as they make quick decisions at the heart of the action and attempt to escape Riley and his men. Bridging the gap between the final page of Split Second and the beginning of its sequel- Every Second Counts, Sophie’s game is the perfect teaser before you get stuck into the book.

Sophie says “ I’m really thrilled about the launch of my first ever interactive story. In an age where young people communicate so widely online, it is very exciting to have helped create a game with traditional storytelling appeal that also embraces the latest technology. I hope Make Every Second Count will allow reader to feel part of the books and am looking forward to seeing how they react!”

We love exploring Sophie’s game (although an unnerving number of us keep getting arrested!) and can’t wait to bury our noses in her new book. Read more about Sophie’s thoughts behind the game below and try it out for yourself by clicking the link underneath.

It’s always a challenge to keep a series fresh and when it came to my teen thriller Every Second Counts, the sequel to Split Second, I really wanted to find a way to give the reader some unexpected twists and turns while allowing those who’d read the first book to revisit its world and its characters.

In the lead-up to publication, I was keen to bridge the gap between the two books in a more exciting and interactive way than a standard trailer. Party story, part game, Make Every Second Count does this perfectly, by allowing the player to be totally involved in what happens, choosing which path main characters Nat and Charlie should take, every step of the way!

I had a lot of fun writing the story for the game – which is set just after the end of Split Second and just before the start of Every Second Counts as Nat and Charlie attempt to find the safe house where the Resistance is hiding without being captured.

You’ll have to make every second count in order to help them! #PlayESC

Play Sophie McKenzie's Interactive Game - Every Second Counts

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