Peter Andre Reads an Extract from Between Us

Peter Andre Reads an Extract from Between Us

Peter Andre Reads an Extract from Between Us Transcript

Christmas came and went. We’d been working hard on getting the nursery decorated and kitted out, but Emily still didn’t have it the way she wanted it. I suppose we were cutting it a bit fine, since the baby was due on 26 January 2014 – Australia Day. For New Year’s Eve, we had been invited to Emily’s parents’ for dinner. I woke up at home that morning and suddenly knew, beyond doubt, that today was the day I had to propose. Don’t ask me how or why I knew – it was just one of those feelings you can’t ignore.

I secretly rang Emily’s mum, Rebecca. She knew that I intended to propose, but didn’t know when or how I was going to do it, because neither did I! I furtively told her that I intended to do it that day. She had a plan. At Emily’s family home there is a little lake with an island in the middle. Rebecca suggested that when we came down I should hide the ring on the island, then suggest to Emily that we go for a boat ride and unexpectedly ‘find’ the ring. I couldn’t do it. What if it was raining? What if Emily didn’t fancy a boat ride? What if the island was covered with mud, or I couldn’t find the ring once I’d hidden it? What if one of the ducks swiped it?

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