Pens the Internet is Obsessing Over Right Now

Pens the Internet is Obsessing Over Right Now

Lamy AL-Star

Writers have long had a love affair with Lamy fountain pens; in fact, the Lamy Safari has gained an almost cult-like following of dedicated disciples. But we’re here to tell you about Safari’s lesser-known (but not for long) little sister, the Lamy AL-Star.

The elegant lightweight design features a minimalistic finish, an ink window and a transparent grip, which provides under-the-bonnet insight into the pen’s inner workings. The pen comes with blue ink, but you can find more here.

“This fountain pen is great for beginners because of its low price point. It’s a cheap fountain pen and the ink window and transparent grip have a bit of a cool factor for the younger or more modern-design-loving crowd.”


Papermate Inkjoy – 1.0mm Ballpoint Pen

For a vibrant, colourful and cost effective addition to your back to school pencil case, Papermate’s Inkjoy 1.0mm ballpoint pen seems to tick all the boxes. Despite being a ballpoint, its smooth ink-to-paper application blurs the line between ballpoint and rollerball nibs. Designed with a rounded triangular body, Inkjoys rest nicely in hand to give you ultimate comfort and control. With a medium sized (1.0mm) nib, our assorted packs of radiant and bright-coloured pens are the ideal accompaniment for students who love to colour-coordinate their revision notes. With so many colours to choose from, you can make homework that little bit brighter!

“Many coloured ballpoints that I have used in the past have ink that is either dull or too faint to read, but these colours are bright and dark enough to read easily”

Heather, Penchant for Paper

Stabilo Point 88 Fineliners

If you have these pens lined up proudly in your pencil case, you will be nothing short of classroom royalty. The Stabilo fineliners are an international favourite – and for good reason. With a 0.4mm rounded nib, ink is evenly dispelled and provides a smooth writing experience. The pens are available in bright and bold colours and are ideal for anything from doodling to fine writing. There’s no pooling or spotting and ink dries instantly, meaning no smudges – even for the left-handed among us.

“The Stabilo fineliners are comfortable to use, beautifully vibrant and give smooth, even, non-streaky coverage and are by far my favourite fineliners out of the 7 different brands I now own.” “


Staedtler Pigment Liner

The Staedtler Pigment Liner is an adaptable favourite among artists. Its clean, sharp nibs come in various sizes and provide fantastic black ink with ease. They work seamlessly with rulers and templates for technical and architectural drawing. For artists, the Pigment Liner is water resistant and acid free, making it the perfect pen for using with watercolours.

“When people ask what pens I use to create my work, these are the ones I point them to”

Johanna Basford, the artist behind Secret Garden

Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Gel Ink Rollerball Pen

And of course, the old favourite. The Pilot G2 is retractable, compact and versatile. This rollerball pen is the number one selling gel pen in America due to its lightweight and flawless ink flow.

“The ink flows out of this pen flawlessly. It writes very nice, crisp fine lines […] It’s light and has a very comfortable grip. What more can you ask from a pen? I enjoy seeing others borrow my pen – they always stop writing and hold the pen up for a closer look.”

Neil Trevor,

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