Pencil Case Trends 2014

Pencil Case Trends 2014

Since then pencil cases have not only become a staple piece for school kids everywhere, but have become a means of showing your identity in the classroom. Today we’re looking at pencil case trends this year to find out what’s cool at the moment.


Blue is the most popular colour for stationery 2014, particularly bright, neon shades that really stand out on our desks. We love it matched with polka dots and as a backdrop to make fresh floral designs pop.

Birds + Butterflies

Birds, birdcages and butterflies instantly add a soft, vintage feel to a design, which has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially when paired with vintage florals. Sparrows, songbirds and owls have received particular attention, with our blue songbird pencil case and the Bramblewood collection proving especially popular in recent years.

Polka Dots

Polka dots have taken over 2014 trends, from big bold spots to pretty, delicate patterns- they’re everywhere! Wonderfully versatile, polka dots complement the neon bright shades that are also huge this year, and also provide that subtle retro feel that has been big in 2014.


The exam-taker’s best friend, the clear pencil case is a consistently popular choice every year. Matching fun with practicality, bold red zips and a transparent shade of blue (we told you blue’s hot right now!) give our designs a sense of personality and fun whilst ensuring students stay on the right side of their exam invigilator.


One of the most exciting stationery trends to come out of 2014 are fun and playful designs! Still growing in popularity, our colourful graphics of a dog with headphones and a monkey with sunglasses have a subtle retro look and light-hearted, fun feel. Kevin the pencil case masters the fun feel with his tongue firmly in his cheek and oodles of personality.

Which pencil case has your little one fallen head over heels for this year? Let us know in the comments box below.