Our Favourite Ideas to Customise Stationery with Loom Bands

Our Favourite Ideas to Customise Stationery with Loom Bands

If you are a loom band convert but not sure how to go about customising your stationery, there are plenty of ideas and tutorials online. We’ve been searching Youtube for some new ideas to kit out our pencil cases. Here are some of our favourites.

Pencil grip without the loom:

This design is created directly onto the pencil (with a few fingers to help) and results in a nice slender design that fits perfectly around your pencil. We love the bright, rainbow design.

Pencil charm:

As far as tutorials go, this one is thorough, and comes complete with written guidance and downloadable charts. The end product is an adorable small pencil to hang from the end of your actual pencil.

Minecraft pencil hugger:

We can’t get enough of Minecraft, which is why we love this Minecraft pencil hugger so much. Unlike pencil toppers, your pencil hugger won’t cover the rubber at the end of your pencil. This tutorial is clear and simple to follow.

Pencil dangle:

If you are inundated with loom band charms, this tutorial will help. It shows you how to make sleeves for your pencil from which to hang one of those many charms.


We love the novelty design of this bookmark. Wrapping around the spine of the book keeps it secure and also gives your book a funky style.

Thinking of trying one of these tutorials out? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.