Our Christmas Top Picks: Sports Books

Our Christmas Top Picks: Sports Books

Jamie Vardy: From Nowhere, My Story

An ordinary lad from Sheffield, Jamie Vardy has become known as an against-the-odds footballing hero the world over. Defying all expectations, this is the story of the boy from nowhere who reached the top in his own unflinching, honest words.

A Life in Football: My Autobiography

From Sunday morning football directly to Crystal Palace; from Saturday afternoons on the pitch to Saturday evenings on primetime TV; from a week in prison to inspiring youth offenders, Ian will reveal all about his extraordinary career.

Firestarter: Me, Cricket and the Heat of the Moment

From being forged as a young boy in New Zealand, to moving to Cumbria at the age of 11, to playing county cricket for Durham and then onto the England team, this book provides a riveting insight into one of the most exhilarating figures in sport today.

Guy Martin: Worms to Catch

After the death-defying, adrenalin fuelled, high-speed adventures of last year, this year Guy has decided to take it easy. A gentle start to 2016 saw Guy cycle 527 miles from Lincolnshire to Scotland, sleeping outside in a bitterly cold January to compete in a 24-hour bike race in snow and ice.

F2 World of Football: How to Play Like a Pro

We’re The F2 and this is our World of Football. Inside we give away the biggest secrets of the greatest footballers on the planet. Want tricks like Neymar? Or to hit free-kicks like Ronaldo? Or to dribble like Messi? We show you how.

Endurance: The Extraordinary Life and Times of Emil Zátopek

The running world of this era is brought to life by dramatic accounts of Zatopek’s great triumphs, manifold records and a rich collection of characters vying to dethrone him.

Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life

William Finnegan first started surfing as a young boy in California and Hawaii. Barbarian Days is his immersive memoir of a life spent travelling the world chasing waves through the South Pacific, Australia, Asia, Africa and beyond.

Watching the Wheels: My Autobiography

2016 marks the twentieth anniversary of Damon Hill’s coronation as Formula One World Champion. For the first time ever he tells the story of his journey through the last golden era of the sport when he took on the greats.

Eat Sweat Play: How Sport Can Change Our Lives

What does it mean to be a sporty woman in the 21st century? From the launch of Net-A-Sporter, serving up sports clothing for fashionistas, to the introduction of #plankie as the new Instagram selfie for yoga bunnies; exercise for women has finally gone mainstream.

Mr Darley’s Arabian: High Life, Low Life, Sporting Life – A History of Racing in 25 Horses

The story of racing is about man’s relationship with horses, and Mr Darley’s Arabian also celebrates the men and women who owned, trained and traded the stallions that extended the dynasty.

Find a Way: One Untamed and Courageous Life

What makes this book so incredible is the fact of her monumental courage in the face of failure. Nyad failed but never gave up, and this memoir shows her unwavering belief in the face of overwhelming odds. It’s about perseverance, tenacity and commitment on an epic scale.

No Nonsense

So, you think you know Joey Barton. Think again. No Nonsense is a game-changing autobiography which will redefine the most fascinating figure in British football.

Class of 92: Out of Our League

Class of 92: Out of Their League, however, opens a dramatic new chapter in the story of former Manchester United greats Gary and Phil Neville, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs and Nicky Butt, as they take on a new role in each of their lives.

A Stroke of Genius: Victor Trumper and the Shot That Changed Cricket

In Gideon Haigh’s brilliant new book, Stroke of Genius, we learn not only about the man in the picture but also the iconography of Trumper’s powerful position in cricket’s mythology.

Fearless: The Amazing Underdog Story of Leicester City, the Greatest Miracle in Sports History

Fearless will document Leicester’s hunt of their impossible dream. It will tell the greatest football tale of the Premier League era, in loving detail, with the inside track.

Jose Mourinho: Up Close and Personal

The gripping biography of one of the most successful managers in the game, Jose Mourinho, giving a rare insight into Mourinho the man as well as Mourinho the manager.

Bruce Mclaren from the Cockpit

Originally published in 1964, Bruce McLaren’s autobiography From the Cockpit is classic motor racing memoir. Engaging to read, his book provides fascinating insight into not only his accomplishments but also his unique character, charm and tenacity.

The Man in the Middle: The Autobiography of the World Cup Final Referee

The long-awaited autobiography of Howard Webb, the man who refereed the World Cup final. Webb shows just why he enjoyed it so much and provides fascinating insights into how he dealt with the most challenging situations.

Magic, Mud and Maradona: Cup Football’s Finest Tales

Packed with brilliant photographs, and told in Dan’s unique style, the book also features a collection of his hugely popular team line-ups to make this the perfect gift for football fans everywhere.

Unexpected: The Autobiography

In this long-awaited memoir, he not only reveals the secrets of his remarkable success, but also has plenty to say on the issues that are dominating athletics, such as doping, and much else besides. It is a raw, passionate, entertaining and fascinating read.

Dare to Do: How I Looped the Planet

Dare to Do is more than an adventure story. It is a story of the kindness of strangers and the spirit of travel; a story of the raw power of nature, of finding love in unexpected places, and of discovering your inner strength.

Never Look Down

Packed with death-defying POV pictures, Never Look Down tells how James faces down danger, where his favourite free climbing locations are, and takes you to the top of the world.

What Doesn’t Kill You…

With an encyclopaedic knowledge and love of the sport, Johnny Herbert’s autobiography, much like the man himself, delivers brilliance from the back of the grid.

Approaching Ali: A Reclamation in Three Acts

Following in the tradition of writers such as Gay Talese and Nick Hornby, Miller gives us a series of extraordinary stories that coalesce to become a moving introduction to the human side of a boxing legend.

Steadfast: My Story

In this brilliant and unique autobiography Lizzie Armitstead takes the reader to the heart of the most demanding of endurance sports and the challenges faced by one of its most gifted competitors.

Laura Trott and Jason Kenny – The Inside Track

The official autobiography of the Rio Olympics’ golden couple. Through an integrated narrative Laura Trott and Jason Kenny retrace the steps of a journey to gold-medal success at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

Opta World Football Infographics

Opta World Football Infographics is the first book extensively to explore the rich history, statistics and culture of of football through this innovative new medium.

Total Competition: Lessons in Strategy from Formula One

Total Competition is the most compelling, comprehensive and revealing insight into what it takes to get to the top in Formula One that has ever been published.

Today We Die a Little: The Rise & Fall of Emil Zátopek, Olympic Legend

The definitive biography of one of the greatest, most extraordinary runners and Olympic heroes of all time, from the author of running classic Feet in the Clouds.

How’s Your Dad?

How’s Your Dad? examines the relationship between a father and son. The father, Michael Channon Snr, an arthritic workaholic and “a grumpy old bastard”, played football at the highest level for over twenty years.

For the Glory: The Life of Eric Liddell

Eric Liddell was as close to a saint as any man in modern history has been. Renowned for his athletic prowess, it was also his deeply entrenched values that set him apart from the crowd. This is the story of a true hero of our times.

Forever Young: The Story of Adrian Doherty, Football’s Lost Genius

Adrian Doherty was not a typical footballer. For one thing, he was blessed with extraordinary talent. This is a tale so mysterious, so shocking, so unusual, so amusing but ultimately so tragic, that you are left wondering how on earth it has been untold for so long.

Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike

A memoir rich with insight, humour and hard-won wisdom, this book is also studded with lessons – about building something from scratch, overcoming adversity, and ultimately leaving your mark on the world.

The Belt Boy

The Belt Boy is a completely true account of a brutal life kept hidden. Shocking, explicit, traumatic, Kevin’s autobiography exposes a hideous crime and its utterly devastating legacy.

Mister: The Men Who Gave the World the Game

From its late-Victorian flowering in the mill towns of the northwest of England, football spread around the world with great speed. This is the story of the men who taught the world to play and shaped its destiny. This is the story of the Misters.

We Had Some Laughs: My Dad, The Darts and Me

As ‘the voice of darts’, the inimitable Sid Waddell helped transform it from an unfashionable pub game to a massively successful international sport. We Had Some Laughs is Dan’s warm, moving and funny account of Sid’s colourful life and career and a son’s memories of an unconventional dad.

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  1. Trott & Kenny The Inside Track – sweet couple, worked hard and achieved huge success. Loved Rio 16 and seeing Laura cheering on her man as he cycled to Olympic glory!

  2. Worms to catch by Guy Martin. A man totally committed to whatever he does and he always gives 110%. He is entertaining and amusing but never superior and has retained his grass roots ethics

  3. I would love a copy of Dare To Do, by Sarah Outen. As someone who has not travelled much, and has always been rather reserved, I think her book would be a real inspiration to get out there and take life by the reins.

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