Olympics, Triathlons and Athletics: Inspiring Books on Phenomenal Athletes

Olympics, Triathlons and Athletics: Inspiring Books on Phenomenal Athletes

Black, White and Gold – Kelly Holmes

Including details of her unsettled childhood, trials in the army and a struggle with self harm, Kelly’s amazing determination carries through to make this inspirational and powerful autobiography a tale of triumph over adversity and a model for readers of all ages and backgrounds.

Unbelievable – From my Childhood Dreams to Winning Olympic Gold – Jessica Ennis

This is the story of how the girl next door became London’s poster girl, and how an ordinary woman used an extraordinary talent to claim the title of the world’s greatest all-round female sports star.

Faster Than Lightning – Usain Bolt

In this, his full autobiography, Usain tells his story in his own words: from humble beginnings in Jamaica, to international stardom at Beijing and on to the new heights of superstardom he has reached since lighting up London 2012.

Twin Tracks – Sir Roger Bannister

In this frank memoir, Sir Roger tells the full story of the talent and dedication that made him not just one of the most celebrated athletes of the last century, but also a distinguished doctor, neurologist and one of the nation’s best-loved public figures.

Gold Rush – Michael Johnson

This exciting new book is based on Michael Johnson’s own experiences as an iconic four-time Olympic champion, and on the knowledge he has gleaned as a top-class coach and motivational speaker.

Runner’s World Train Smart, Run Forever – Scott Murr and Bill Pierce

Complete with a comprehensive program to enhance overall fitness, improve race times, and support healthy aging, this book will show you how to achieve your fitness goals at any stage.

Running Free of Injuries: From Pain to Personal Best – Paul Hobrough and Steve Cram

Written by a globally respected physiotherapist who has worked with Olympic and World Champion athletes, this book will help runners to understand their body, identify weaknesses and develop a natural defence against injury.

Runner’s World the Runner’s Brain: How to Think Smarter to Run Better – Liz Neporent and Jeff Brown

Chock-full of entertaining tales from runners of all abilities including some of the greats, readers get trustworthy information that’s been proven to work both in the lab and on the road.

The Triathlete’s Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide – Joe Friel

The Triathlete s Training Bible equips triathletes of all abilities with every detail they must consider when planning a season, lining up a week of workouts, or preparing for race day.

Accidental Ironman: How Triatholon Ruined my Life – Martyn Brunt

Having spent 10 years scaling the lower echelons of the sport, the time has come for one of Britain’s least successful athletes to reveal all about how he got involved in all this nonsense in the first place. 

Parkrun: Much More Than Just a Run in the Park – Debra Bourne

Join Debra Bourne, Event Director at Lloyd parkrun, as she charts the rise of parkrun and finds out how and why this simple idea became the biggest and friendliest running community the world has ever seen.

This Mum Runs – Jo Pavey

This Mum Runs follows Jo’s roundabout journey to the top and all the lessons she’s learnt along the way. It is the inspiring yet everyday story of a mum that runs and a runner that mums.

Unexpected – Greg Rutherford

In this long-awaited memoir, Greg not only reveals the secrets of his remarkable success, but also has plenty to say on the issues that are dominating athletics, such as doping, and much else besides.

His Own Man: The Champion who Defied the Nazis – Timothy Johnston and Donald Macgregor

His Own Man is the story of an unjustly forgotten athlete, who ascended the heights, fell from grace under the Nazis, then achieved redemption coaching street children in India. 

Survivor: The Shocking and Inspiring Story of a True Champion – Fatima Whitbread

This is the unforgettable story of a true champion, who triumphed against the worst hardships imaginable.

Triumph: Jesse Owens and Hitler’s Olympics – Jeremy Schaap

This is the incredible true story of one of the moment a black athlete beat Hitler at his own games.

The Bolt Supremacy: Inside Jamaica’s Springt Factory – Richard Moore

Award-winning writer Richard Moore travels the length of Jamaica speaking to anti-doping agencies, scientists, sceptics, coaches and superstar athletes. Peeling back the layers, Moore finally reveals the secrets of Usain Bolt and the Jamaican sprint factory.

The Transplant Triathlete: The Story of How One Man Went from Illness to Ironman – Diccon Driver

Transplant Triathlete is Diccon Driver’s story: an amateur triathlete who refused to let kidney failure stop him from racing.

The Dirtiest Race in History: Ben Johnson, Carl Lewis and the 1988 Olympic 100m Final – Richard Moore

The 1988 Seoul Olympics hosted what has been described as the dirtiest race of all time, and as the greatest.

Collision Course: The Olympic Tragedy of Mary Decker and Zola Budd – Jason Henderson

Mary Decker’s clash with Zola Budd at the 1984 Los Angeles Games is one of the biggest and most controversial events in Olympic history.

Twin Ambitions – Mo Farah

Twin Ambitions is much more than an autobiography by a great Olympic champion. It’s a moving human story of a man who grew up in difficult circumstances, separated from his family at an early age, who struggled to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and realise his dream.

The Weirwolf – David Weir

Weirwolf is the extraordinary inside story of the man who won a total of six gold medals at the 2008 and 2012 Paralympic Games, and who is six-time winner of the London Marathon.

The 100 Greatest Olympians and Paralympians – Nick Callow and Seb Coe

A celebration of the cream of world sporting endeavour stretching back 112 years. Each biography has been painstakingly researched and is complemented by outstanding photographs capturing the essence of sporting greatness.

Paula: My Story so Far – Paula Radcliffe

Paula Radcliffe has managed to be both very successful in her field and incredibly popular with the Great British Public. Her remarkable life story of highs and lows is fully chronicled in this fascinating and inspiring autobiography.

Finding Ultra: Rejecting Middle Age, Becoming One of the World’s Fittest Men, and Discovering Myself – Rich Roll

Among Roll completed the unprecedented “Epic 5” – five back-to-back Ironman-distance triathlons on five different Hawaiian islands in under a week – an achievement many said was impossible.

Running with the Kenyans: Discovering the Secrets of the Fastest People on Earth – Adharanand Finn

After years of watching Kenyan athletes win the world’s biggest long-distance races, Runner’s World contributor Adharanand Finn set out to discover what it was that made them so fast – and to see if he could keep up. 

Believe – Sally Pearson

Her honest pursuit of excellence and the refusal to all any obstacle to stand in her way has seen Sally Pearson become one of the greatest athletes in Australia, running the fastest female 100m hurdles race in Olympic history.

The Race of My Life – Milkha Singh

In this remarkably candid autobiography, Milkha Singh shares the amazing highs of winning India s first ever gold in athletics at the Commonwealth Games, the unbridled joy of being hailed as the Flying Sikh in Pakistan, as well as the shattering low of failure at the Olympics. 

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