Non-Fiction Book of the Month May: The Skeleton Cupboard – Tanya Byron

Non-Fiction Book of the Month May: The Skeleton Cupboard – Tanya Byron

Brutally honest, Tanya’s account of feeling out of her depth and her acceptance of her own limitations as a human makes her book stand out from many other psychologist accounts. Openly exploring the impact that her grandmother’s brutal murder when Tanya was 15 has had on her decision-making and ability to act objectively, Tanya’s struggles are emotional and authentic. Describing feelings that we’re not used to medical professionals admitting to, Tanya describes wanting to give up and go home, at times feeling unprepared, biased and naive and even feelings of anger and violence towards patients who lashed out at her or frustrated her with their self-destructive behaviour.

Although the book includes many case narratives that draw from Tanya’s experiences with real patients, The Skeleton Cupboard is not simply a collection of case studies but an exploration of a young mental health professional’s personal and professional development as they face the very real challenges of a career in clinical psychology.

To hear more about Tanya’s intentions with her new book and the picture it paints, you can watch the below video of Tanya telling us more about The Skeleton Cupboard and her reasons for taking an interest in psychology.

The Skeleton Cupboard: The Making of a Clinical Psychologist by Tanya Byron is available to order online today as a Hardback, Paperback and eBook.

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