New Year’s Resolutions: Tips To Stay Motivated

New Year’s Resolutions: Tips To Stay Motivated

It’s all too easy to give up on our resolutions. But what you need to remember is that you made your resolution for a reason and to give up ultimately means that you failed – and no one likes to fail. So, to help you stay motivated, here are some tips:

Be realistic

First things first: your resolution needs to be realistic; the more realistic it is, the more likely you are to stick to it. Establish a long-term goal and several smaller ones. For instance, if your resolution is to lose two stone in a year, set yourself the target of losing half a stone by April. All those smaller achievements will motivate you to reach your long-term goal.

Record your reasons

Before the 1st of January arrives, write down all the reasons why you want to achieve your goal. This will serve as a helpful reminder when, a little later down the line, the reasons behind your resolution begin to slip from memory (which is easily done).

Pin it up

Once you’ve written down your reasons, put them somewhere where temptation lies. If your goal is to lose weight, stick it up on your fridge; if it’s to give up cigarettes, put a little note in your pocket. Constant reminders will help you to resist any temptation on the way to achieving your goal.


Whatever your resolution, someone has been there and done that. Reading their tips, advice and personal stories will help to keep success on your mind.

Buy a motivational book

There’s also plenty of ‘been there, done it’ books around to help you stay motivated. From weight loss success stories to stop smoking guides, you should aim to read one page every day to keep your motivation levels at a constant high.

Keep a diary

Keeping a New Year’s resolution diary will help to keep you on track. If you write down all your minor achievements, you’ll be able to see how much you’ve progressed. And, when you see how far you’ve come, you’ll feel motivated to push hard to go even further.

The power of pictures

Never underestimate the power of pictures. Sticking up photos around the house or at work will serve as a constant reminder of your goal. If your aim is to lose weight, you may pin-up pictures of women/men who have your ideal figure (be realistic, though!). Or you may simply choose a heartfelt family photo to remind you why you’ve given up smoking.

Talk to friends and family

Talking to friends and family can really help you to achieve your goal. If you tell them your reasons for your resolution, they’ll help to remind you of them further down the line if your motivation begins to wane. Talking to them will also mean they can support you in any way they can. If they know that you’re trying to lose weight, they’ll make sure they don’t tempt you with biscuits the next time you visit them.

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