New Plot Details From The Girl in the Spider’s Web Revealed

New Plot Details From The Girl in the Spider’s Web Revealed

Written by David Lagercrantz, The Girl in the Spider’s Web continues not too long after where Larsson left us in The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest. In the final chapters of that third book, a newly freed Salander inherited her father’s estate where she discovered Niedermann hiding from the police. After a phonecall to the Svavelsjö biker gang and some handy work with a nailgun, Salander walked away and returned to her apartment. And the very last we read of Salander was a hesitant reconciliation with Blomkvist.

MacLehose Press have now revealed however, that despite their tentatively resolved relationship at the end of The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest, Salander and Blomkvist have not seen much of each other between the third book and the fourth, although that is of course bound to change. The Girl in the Spider’s Web opens with renowned Swedish scientist Professor Balder as he pleads with Blomkvist. Balder believes that his life and that of his son are in danger, but he has rejected the protection of Sweden’s security police, Säpo, hoping to publish his dangerous story in an attempt to preserve his life’s work advancing Artificial Intelligence instead.

At first Blomkvist is not interested in helping Balder, but when he hears that Balder has been working with a certain superhacker his interest suddenly peaks. Salander has been using her old codename Wasp as she attempts to crack the American National Security Agency. But Salander is also being targeted by Spiders – a group of ruthless cyber gangsters – who threaten Stockholm, the Millennium team and Blomkvist and Salander themselves.

MacLehose Press have called Lagercrantz’ continuation of the Millennium series “intricate and absorbing”, promising an adrenaline-charged narrative that Lagercrantz has assured is true to Larsson’s style of writing. The Girl in the Spider’s Web was written and translated strictly on computers without the internet, and Lagercrantz hand delivered his manuscript to ensure it only ended up in the right hands. Although we’ve been teased with a few tantalising details, we have a feeling there will be very few further revealations about what is sure to one of the biggest books of the year.

The Girl in the Spider’s Web by David Lagercrantz will be released on the tenth anniversary of the original Millennium novel, 27th August 2015. You can pre-order your copy as a Hardback or eBook online today.

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