Minecraft Handbooks: A Preview of the Updated Guides

Minecraft Handbooks: A Preview of the Updated Guides

The creative aspects of Minecraft allows for an environment that continues to be challenged and updated, and so as players become more advanced in their skills, the handbooks that so many refer to must also keep up. Each of these updated handbooks hold an additional sixteen pages of new content that cover new developments in the game. The pre-existing content has been completely reinvigorated to display new content such as mobs, items and blocks, and there are also all new illustrations to show them all off.

You can take a look at the four updated Minecraft handbooks below.

Minecraft Beginners Handbook

Ask any Minecraft fan about their first night in the game and most will smile wryly at their naive and panicked response. Food and shelter are vital to make it through your first night, and you’ll soon learn the importance of avoiding monsters when night falls. The Beginners Handbook is designed to help the inexperienced player with getting basic essentials such as tools, shelter and weapons, and of course to stay safe from the various monsters out to get you! In this updated version you’ll find advice from developer Jeb, creator Notch and a group of Minecraft experts.

The Beginners Handbook has been completely overhauled and incorporates the latest mobs such as Guardian, Elder Guardian, Endermite, and Rabbit. The extra content showcases more food items than ever before and the updated content now includes controls for both Xbox One and PS4.

The extracts from this updated book are brand new and never seen before, providing advice on the benefits of eating meat and fish as well as how to get more points from your food.

Minecraft Construction Handbook

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Minecraft is the endless opportunity to build. Some of the most experienced players can create awe-inspiring designs, and you’ll see some examples of those within this handbook, but mostly the book contains tips and instructions to create a variety of builds, including bridges, floating islands and rollercoasters. With advice from the master building team FyreUK, this inspiring guide is perfect for improving for constructing abilities within the game.

Updates for the Constructon Handbook include two new sections: a colour builds section and an ocean-themed section as a nod to the new ocean temple biomes. They both contain step by step builds and community builds.

Atlantis is a community build and a completely new feature in the updated handbook. Get inspired by this twist on a classic.

Minecraft Combat Handbook

Combat is near enough unavoidable in the world of Minecraft and in order to survive you will need to know how to defend yourself. Whether it’s smart shelter, armour and weapons or simply the skills of one-on-one combat, you’ll need to be prepared for attack from enemies and monsters. Once again developer Jeb and creator Notch have contributed to this handbook to help you brush up on your survival skills.

The Combat Handbook has been updated with new mobs, just as in the Beginners Handbook. New potions have been added and the new enchanting process has been incorporated. There’s also more content on both armour stands and battle strategies.

This extract explains the do’s and don’ts of guardians and elder guardians.

Minecraft Redstone Handbook

Redstone is an element similar to electricity in the Minecraft game, allowing players to create useful tools such as torches and switches using circuits. The Redstone Handbook introduces readers to the mechanics of redstone, including basic mining, logic circuits and arrow firers. You can also be inspired by some of the most creative redstone builds within the minecraft community.

The Redstone Handbook has added even more advanced tips, to cater to those who want to be challenged. All new builds are featured in the handbook including the automated chicken farm, potion lab, and 3 x 3 piston door.

This updated extract provides more advanced tips on using redstone to build a potion lab.

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