Minecraft Cake Recipe

Minecraft Cake Recipe

  1. List Of Ingredients
  2. 5 Eggs
  3. 250g Butter
  4. 250g Caster Sugar
  5. 250g Self Raising Flour
  6. 22g White Chocolate Powder
  7. Buttercream Icing:
  8. 500g Icing Sugar
  9. 250g Butter
  10. 2 Tbsp Milk
  11. 22g White Chocolate Powder
  12. ½ Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract
  13. To Decorate:
  14. Brown, White, Black & Red Sugar Paste

White Chocolate Minecraft Cake


1. Using an electric whisk, beat together the sugar and the butter until fluffy.

2. Beat in the eggs one at a time.

3. Add the flour and the chocolate powder and mix until smooth and combined.

4. Split the cake batter evenly between the prepared tins and bake for 45 minutes.

5. Turn out onto a cooling rack.

6. When completely cold, trim any dome off the top off the cake and split each cake into 2 layers – you should end up with 4 even layers of square cake.

7. With an electric whisk, beat all the buttercream ingredients together until light and fluffy.

8. Use the buttercream to cover each layer of cake and stack one on top of the other. Also apply a layer of buttercream all around the cake and over the top.

Minecraft Cake

9. Try to make this crumb-coat as smooth as possible as that will make your final cake much neater.

10. Cover the bottom half of each side of the cake with brown fondant and the top half with a mid grey (made by mixing the white and black sugar paste together).

11. Use the same shade of grey fondant to cover the top of the cake too.

12. Cut out small squares using red, dark grey and brown fondant and decorate your cake with them to create the Minecraft design.

13. Serve, impress and EAT!

Minecraft Cake

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