Mills & Boon: Top 10 Hottest Doctors 2015

Mills & Boon: Top 10 Hottest Doctors 2015

Mills & Boon: Top 10 Hottest Doctors 2015

#1 Dr Marc Roussea – Tortured by her Touch (March 2015)

Powerful, protective and devastatingly sexy…there’s nothing quite like a man in uniform! Look out for ex-army doc Marc Rousseau in Dianne Drake’s Tortured by Her Touch, the first story in our unforgettable Army Docs duet.

#2 Dr Fareed Faruke – The Sheikh Doctor’s Bride (Feb 2015)

If you’re looking for a sizzling romance beneath the scorching desert sun, then it’s our gorgeous sheikh, Dr Fareed Faruke who will set your heart on fire! Don’t miss The Sheikh Doctor’s Bride by Meredith Webber.

#3 Dr Anson Graves – Breaking Her No-Dating Rule (Jan 2015)

Yet nothing is more magical than falling in love amongst glittering snowflakes. Look out for our ER doc-on-skis, Anson Graves, in Breaking Her No-Dating Rule by Amalie Berlin, the second book in our fabulous New Year’s Resolutions duet.

#4 Dr Alessandro Lucioni – Italian Surgeon to the Stars (June 2015)

It doesn’t get more glamorous than our celebrity heart surgeon, Dr Alessandro Lucioni…for this Italian doc, champagne, red-carpets and rubbing shoulders with A-listers are just part of the job! Don’t miss Italian Surgeon to the Stars by Melanie Milburne.

Mills & Boon: Top 10 Hottest Doctors 2015

#5 Midwife Lucas Elliot – Her Playboy’s Secret (July 2015)

No one can resist the irresistible…and it’s even harder to resist Senior Midwife Lucas Elliot! Don’t miss the sensational conclusion to our 8-book Midwives On-Call series, Her Playboy’s Secret by Tina Beckett.

#6 Dr José Benitez – Temptation in Paradise (Feb 2015)

Our delectable island doc, José Benitez, will whisk you away to a tropical paradise and you’ll never want to come back! Watch out for Temptation in Paradise by Joanna Neil.

#7 Dr Samuel Napier – One Night in New York (Aug/Sept 2015)

Big-city doc, Samuel Napier, spends all day saving lives and all night breaking hearts! Don’t miss One Night in New York by Amy Ruttan, the stunning conclusion to our New York City Docs quartet.

#8 Dr Andros Dracoulias – Her Greek Doctor’s Proposal (June 2015)

Everyone has a favourite nationality that tickles their fancy, and olive-skinned Grecian, Dr Andros Dracoulias, is tickling ours! Look out for Her Greek Doctor’s Proposal by Robin Gianna for your modern-day Hercules!

#9 Dr Oliver Wyatt – Doctor to Duchess (Aug 2015)

Not everyone can marry a prince…but Dr Oliver Wyatt, otherwise known as the Duke of Breckonshire in-waiting, has us falling head over heels! Watch out for Doctor to Duchess by Annie O’Neil.

#10 Dr Guy Steele – Baby Twins to Bind Them (March 2015)

Ultimate dream boat, Dr Guy Steele, stole our heart even before he’s hit with the news of a double baby bombshell! Don’t miss Carol Marinelli’s Baby Twins to Bind Them.

All that’s left to ask is…which delicious doc would you choose? Let us know in the comments box below.