Mills & Boon New Releases- January

Mills & Boon New Releases- January

The Russian’s Ultimatum – Michelle Smart

Emily and Pascha end up on Pascha’s private island together in the midst of a tropical storm after Emily tries to blackmail him with private company documents. At first the pair are mistrustful of each other but the dangers of the storm soon bring them closer together and passionate feelings start to become apparent. With refreshingly equal characters that clearly have an emotional and passionate connection, Emily and Pascha are an adorable and realistic couple that draw you into their story quickly.

Convincing the Rancher – Claire McEwen

A real page-turner that will keep you hooked throughout, Tess and Slaid’s story is captivating and relatable. By chance, the couple meet through work and instantly recognise each other from a night of passion in Vegas. The pair have fond memories of that night and it doesn’t take long for grounded Slaid to start trying to convince Tess to take it further. But Tess’s reluctance for a relationship risks holding them back. Beautifully written with realistic characters.

Falling for the Enemy – Naomi Rawlings

Lord Gregory Halston has been stranded in war-torn France and is becoming desperate. He rescues his brother from jail and together they struggle to survive the hostile environment without exposing themselves as English. Gregory’s hopes lie with the feisty French peasant – Danielle – who could guide them to safety. Since her brother’s death, Danielle has been wary of the English, but for some reason she feels able to trust Gregory and helps protect him. A clear attraction grows between the pair, but where it could lead could put all their lives at risk. A fantastic contrast of love and danger to get drawn into.

The Scandal Behind the Wedding – Bella Frances

Georgia is in Dubai with intentions to party and let loose after being jilted by her ex. When a party ends in a scandalous police raid, Georgia meets the gorgeous Danny as they make their escape. But as the pair are photographed leaving a hotel room together, the couple decide to fool everyone with a temporary marriage to avoid the bad publicity. And they’re certainly enjoying the perks along with it. Full of scandal and passion, this read with keep you on your toes.

A Child to Bind Them – Lucy Clark

Dr. Cora Wilton is loving working by herself on the Pacific island of Tarpamii and a man is the last thing on her mind at the moment. But when a storm puts Cora in danger, it’s the gorgeous ex-army doctor Archer that comes to her rescue. An adorable child left orphaned by the storm soon draws the couple’s affection and the pair find themselves getting closer through their mutual care for the orphan. An enticing story that will have you rooting for a happy ending.

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