Make a Start In Art: How to Draw – An Introduction

Make a Start In Art: How to Draw – An Introduction

Rosa Roberts, WHSmith Resident Art Expert –

This video is a brief intro to the series in which I go over why you might want to draw in the first place – because it’s relaxing and fun and a very “mindful” activity. In my work running Sketchout, I see on a weekly basis how much people get from drawing. It’s incredibly relaxing and absorbing and people always say the time flies by, day to day worries and anxieties are just forgotten as all your focus is on what you are doing. It’s actually very meditative.

This video will briefly show you the basics of charcoal, graphite and water-soluble colours and water pens. Most people only ever think of pencil on white paper when drawing but new materials can really take you into drawing in ways that you wouldn’t imagine and make things a bit easier in some circumstances. Pencil on white paper can be quite unforgiving, charcoal on a mid-grey charcoal background can be rubbed out with a finger, for example.

I suggest when you are getting started working in roughly 2 hour segments but not more. Have regular breaks as it helps to come back to the work with “fresh eyes’ every now and again. The videos are designed so that you can pause them on screen to draw from the still life set up as it appears on screen if you want to. Alternatively you could set up something similar in your own home using what you have but bear in mind that the light might be coming from different directions in your own house compared to how it was on set when we shot our videos.


To follow our series of #MakeAStartInArt videos at home you’ll need to stock up on charcoal, pastels, and a blank piece of white paper.

Once you’ve mastered the materials, move onto our next video; Make a Start in Art: The Basics of Line
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If you’d like to find out more about Rosa and her background as an artist/art tutor, then don’t forget to check out our Rosa Roberts Profile.

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