Liz Pichon: How to Make a Sticky Note Flip Book

Liz Pichon: How to Make a Sticky Note Flip Book

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Liz Pichon: How to Make a Stick Note Flip Book Transcript

Ok, so now I’m going to show you how to make a flip book but in a sticky note.

So in the book – in Genius Ideas – we’ve got a little flip book right in the corner, and that will give you a really good idea of how the whole thing will look in the end.

So the best way to do it is you start at the bottom, and we’re going to draw just a little bit of the face there. And then you do the next piece of paper over the top so you can see a little bit of your drawing. And the idea is that you do another drawing on top of it, but you just move the drawing a little bit further on.

Let’s move him right into the flipbook now and actually draw some eyes on there, make his mouth a bit wobbly. So you just keep building up the drawings. And let’s make him go cross-eyed and maybe do a bit of singing.

So this is like a really basic sort of animation. Obviously if you’ve got more time then you can actually fill up the whole book so you get a really nice flow of the drawings.

Let’s see if I can get a nice flick on that. This is one that I did earlier.

So that’s how you make a sticky note flipbook! Hope you enjoy having a go at that.


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