Liz Pichon: How to Draw a Monster

Liz Pichon: How to Draw a Monster

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Liz Pichon: How to Draw a Monster Transcript

So now, I’m going to show you how to draw a monster.

You start off – and they have a funny little pointy ear there – then you go across, and its got another one there.

And to be honest, every single time I draw one of these they look different. And this monster has got one really big eye, and then one tiny little eye. And what I call a letterbox mouth. So those are his teeth. And a few hairs. And of course this monster is reading a book.

And let’s give this monster a bit of colour.

So there’s your monster!

So if you don’t want to spend ages colouring in, you could use a sticky note. And you can draw your monster around the sticky note. And that gives you a nice shape. And then you draw one big eye again, one small eye, some little hairs all over him. Okay, that’s like a quick way of doing a monster with a sticky note.


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