My Little Pony: Meet Tempest Shadow and the Mane Six

My Little Pony: Meet Tempest Shadow and the Mane Six

Tempest Shadow

Name: Tempest Shadow

Type: Unicorn, but with a broken horn

Colouring: A dark purple with a magenta mane

Cutie mark: Unknown. Tempest wears black armour with the Storm King’s logo on it

Characteristics: Fierce, strong, determined

Did you know?: Tempest works for the Storm King

Most likely to say: “Give me your magic!”

Twilight Sparkle

Name: Twilight Sparkle

Occupation: Princess of Friendship, mentor to Starlight Glimmer

Type: Alicorn (formerly a Unicorn)

Colouring: Light purple with a deep purple and pink striped mane and tail

Cutie mark: Pink star surrounded by five sparkles

Characteristics: Expert in magic, logical, determined, well-organised, a book lover

Did you know?: Twilight’s horn glows bright pink when she is using her powerful magic.

Most likely to say: “We’ve learned that friendship isn’t always easy, but there’s no doubt it’s worth fighting for!” / “Reading is something every pony can enjoy, if they just give it a try.”


Name: Applejack

Occupation: Farmer

Type: Earth pony

Colouring: Orange with a yellow mane

Cutie mark: Three apples

Characteristics: Honest, hard-working, stubborn, down-to-earth

Did you know?: Applejack once saved Ponyville from being stampeded to the ground by a herd of buffalo. She was awarded a trophy for her courage.

Most likely to say: “Well, howdy-doo, a pleasure makin’ your acquaintance!”/ “Yeehaw every pony!”


Name: Fluttershy

Occupation: Animal carer, part time Pony Tones singer

Type: Pegasus pony (but prefers to keep her hooves on the ground)

Colouring: Light yellow with a pastel pink mane

Cutie mark: Three butterflies

Characteristics: Kind, gentle, musical, patient, very shy, prone to panic

Did you know?: Fluttershy has a special “stare” she can use to make creatures behave the way she wants them to. Kind Fluttershy only employs this power when she really needs to.

Most likely to say: “If you just keep your head high, do your best, and believe in yourself, anything can happen!”

Rainbow Dash

Name: Rainbow Dash

Occupation: Ponyville weather patrol, member of the Wonderbolts flying team

Type: Pegasus pony

Colouring: Blue with a rainbow striped mane

Cutie mark: Cloud and lightning bolt

Characteristics: Loyal, confident, competitive, fearless and fast

Did you know?: Rainbow Dash’s favourite flying moves include the “rainblow dry” and the “super-speed strut”

Most likely to say: “Danger’s my middle name. Rainbow ‘Danger’ Dash”

Pinkie Pie

Name: Pinkie Pie

Occupation: Baker, caterer, awesome party planner

Type: Earth pony

Colouring: Pink and pink!

Cutie mark: Three balloons

Characteristics: Happy, bouncy, fun, welcoming, kind

Did you know?: When Pinkie Pie is happy, her mane and tail get “poufy”! When she is sad, they lie flat.

Most likely to say: “Parties. Are. Serious!” / “Oh, I never leave home without my party cannon.”


Name: Rarity

Occupation: Fashion designer, seamstress, boutique owner

Type: Unicorn

Colouring: White with a purple mane

Cutie mark: Three diamonds

Characteristics: Generous, creative, dramatic, hard-working, kind

Did you know?: Rarity hates to get muddy or wet – this is one pony who always likes to look her best.

Most likely to say: “Welcome to Carousel Boutique, where every garment is chic, unique and magnifique.”

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