Lee Child: An Exclusive Interview on His New Book Make Me

Lee Child: An Exclusive Interview on His New Book Make Me

Hi Lee! What does the title ‘Make Me’ mean to you?

It’s a dare.

Why do you decide to write in the locations you do? Do places inspire your stories or do you choose a location to fit your story?

It’s a little bit of both. Mostly I find the location to fit the story I want to tell. I am intrigued by the odd names some places have, and often wonder how the name came to be. That’s what got me started writing “Make Me” because Reacher and I share that curiosity.

Without giving away too many spoilers, where did the particularly dark ending for Make Me come from? Is it a reflection of how crime has mutated since Killing Floor?

People adapt to new technology, that’s for sure. Web-related crime is likely the same age as the internet itself. These days you can find more news stories about the type of crime perpetrated in “Make Me”, but it’s been around for decades.

You seem to have let us see a more vulnerable side to Reacher in this book – why is that? Will he be settling down any time soon?

Reacher enjoys the company of women but settling down is not in his nature. It would take someone unique to change his ways.

While the other Reacher books can be quite difficult to date, Make Me feels very current. How do you think this impacted on the story and Jack’s character?

I’m glad it feels current to you. Reacher is a very old-school hero in that he’s a bit of a throwback. Modern you wouldn’t call him.

How do you keep in touch with military/police procedures? What sort of research do you carry out?

When soldiers talk to me, I listen!

Reacher is one of those characters that fans know inside and out and they’re quick to pick up on anything they deem ‘not like Reacher’. How do you write a character who, to some degree, is not in your control? And do your fans’ responses ever influence how you write the next book?

I’m happy when readers make Reacher their own. That’s the pact we have, I write him and they interpret him as they read so he becomes “their” Reacher.

Do you have any maxims you live or write by?

I trust my instincts.

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