Kerby Rosanes: How to Channel Your Inner Creativity

Kerby Rosanes: How to Channel Your Inner Creativity

Take a break

Working every day can definitely drain your creativity. Go out for a walk or a short vacation once in a while to see the awesome things you miss everyday. Travel helps me a lot in recharging my creativity and helps me get back to my desk full of new brilliant ideas.

Spend time with nature

In line with taking a break, spending time with nature to enjoy the fresh air and the wild boosts my creativity. Nature has been a huge part of my art so experiencing it myself is always a pleasure.

Think INSIDE the box

It is quite common for us to hear the “think outside the box” advice but for me channeling the creative spark is done by limiting myself within the boundaries of my problem. Setting restrictions and guidelines to my problems give rise to new and effective creative solutions.

Take risks

Trying out new things lets me discover more about my creative potentials. The more I take risks, the more I challenge myself for new things with unpredictable outcomes.

Listen to some good music

A good playlist is an important part of my creative process. Music keeps me going when at work as if it supplies creativity in my brain!

Create something in line with the things you love

When working on personal work, I make sure to pick themes and subjects I enjoy the most. If you work on something that makes you happy, nothing can go wrong along the process.

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Search for inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere. Visit an art gallery or follow people/artists you admire online and be inspired by their universe.


Collaborate rather than compete. A shared brainstorming with a friend or someone within your industry will not only open up new opportunities but even give you new ideas in approaching your own creative work.


Play is a doorway to curiosity, discovery and creativity. I have a small set of action figures on my table. Whenever I feel less creative, I just play with them for a moment and get back to work feeling refreshed.

Get some sleep

Probably the best tip ever. Get some sleep. Then sleep more. I always believe that people are more creative after a good sleep. Most of the time, my “aha!” moments come after a nap or a good night sleep.

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  1. Thank you Kerby. You are such an amazing dude! I’ll apply all these and add them to my knowledge. This is helpful, thanks again! ✨

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