Kate Morton Introduces Her New Book The Lake House

Kate Morton Introduces Her New Book The Lake House

Hello WHSmith customers, I’m Kate Morton and I wanted to tell you a little bit about my new book The Lake House.

The Lake House is about a little boy who goes missing from a grand country house on the night of a big Midsummer Eve party in 1933. Despite a thorough police investigation no trace is found and his family in their devastation and despair pack up their things, lock the door and go back to London, never to return.

Seventy years later, Sadie Sparrow, a police detective with the Met in London is on a break from work and staying with her grandfather in Cornwall. One day she goes out for a run and she runs through the woods and stumbles upon a clearing in which there stands an abandoned house. She can’t help herself. She creeps up to the house, peers through the window and somehow she just knows that something terrible happened inside that house. Being impulsively inquisitive, Sadie determines to find out what it was.

I absolutely loved writing The Lake House, it’s filled with all my favourite things. There’s a missing child, an abandoned house, beautiful settings and complex characters, all of whom nurse their own secrets. But most of all, at its heart, there’s a big, big mystery.

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