Karen Rose: If Deacon Novak was Investigating Hannibal Lecter

Karen Rose: If Deacon Novak was Investigating Hannibal Lecter

These days, my crime fiction is a bit more intense. But when I was asked ‘What would happen if Deacon Novak investigated Hannibal Lecter?’ my first thought was, Oy, that’s a little too intense for me!

My initial plan was to dunk Deacon in something foul so that Hannibal would lose his appetite. Like marmite. I’m sorry to all you British folk, but I’m not sure how you eat that stuff. Maybe one must grow up with it . . . Like grits or Cincinnati chili 🙂

Here’s where I must confess that I can’t watch Hannibal on TV. It’s way too scary. Writing a scary book isn’t hard for me at all and I sleep like a baby when I’m writing. But let me watch one scary movie or TV show and I have nightmares. Nineteen years ago I saw a thriller trailer in a theater while waiting to watch a rom-com. (A rom-com, people! What kind of person advertises a scary thriller before a rom-com?!?) The trailer was for An Eye For an Eye in which Sally Field is the mother of a teenager raped and killed by Keifer Sutherland. Sally is stuck in traffic, talking on the phone with her daughter when Keifer breaks into their house and attacks the daughter. Sally hears the whole thing, incapable of stopping it. This ninety second trailer had me so shaken that nineteen years later, it still gives me the shivers. Although to be truthful, I’ve long wondered why Sally didn’t just hang up the phone and dial 911? That never made sense. But the premise continues to freak me out.

So me watching Hannibal? I really don’t think so. Luckily my daughters are fans of the show. They tell me that dunking Deacon in marmite wouldn’t be enough, that Hannibal would just wash it off and eat him anyway. (Darn it.) But they also tell me that Hannibal tends to eat more rude people than polite people. I think that after observing this fact, Deacon would most likely lure Hannibal into a trap by racheting up his rude factor. Deacon does rude well – he used it as a way to hold people at arms length for years, to keep people from getting too close to him. Deacon also has training in psychology, so he’d be watching for Hannibal’s tricks.

Of course Hannibal would be defeated because Deacon wouldn’t go after him alone. He’d plan the attack with his team, knowing they’d have his back. (A far better ending than letting Hannibal have his back – which would probably be quite tough as Deacon is very muscular . . .) At any rate, everyone would live happily ever after other than Hannibal himself, of course.

Other crossovers? The first that comes to mind is the evil Simon Vartanian (from Die For Me) versus Jessica Fletcher. That cute elderly lady act has lured many a villain to their just deserts. Perhaps next time.

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I’ve enjoyed their work and hope you do, too!

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