Judy Finnigan: Why I Write About a Mother’s Love

Judy Finnigan: Why I Write About a Mother’s Love

It’s because I believe the bond between a mother and her children is the most powerful of all human relationships, and it never weakens or becomes irrelevant, however old a child may be. Someone once told me that a mother is never any happier than her unhappiest child, and that struck a deep chord in me. It’s exactly how I feel about my four children, even though the oldest (my twins) are now 38, and the youngest, my only daughter, is 27.

In Eloise, this crucial bond is so strong that it even transcends death itself. Eloise has died tragically young from breast cancer leaving two small children to be brought up by their widowed father. But all is not as it seems, and Eloise’s troubled spirit returns to haunt her best friend, Cathy. Cathy becomes the unwilling medium through which Eloise’s fears for her children are disturbingly channelled.

In I Do Not Sleep, it is the child who is lost. Joey, a young man of 20, is believed to have drowned at sea. When the story opens five years later, his mother Molly is still raw with grief, while Joey’s father and brother have managed to move on. They return to the scene of the tragedy in Cornwall in an attempt to help Molly lay her son’s ghost to rest, and find peace. She finds anything but.

Both stories explore the power of a mother’s love to reach across life and death and find solutions to tragedies until then shrouded in mystery. I’m sure that mothers out there will understand what I mean this Mother’s Day.

I Do Not Sleep by Judy Finnigan is available to order online today as a Hardback and eBook.