Jonny Duddle Demonstrates How to Draw a Pirate

Jonny Duddle Demonstrates How to Draw a Pirate

Jonny Duddle Demonstrates How to Draw a Pirate Transcript

Jonny Duddle: So when I draw pirates, I have to make them up as I go along. So when I’m trying to write a book I think of all the characters I want in the book, and I have to think about what they’re going to wear and what they’re going to look like.

Jonny: So can you see that?

Kids: No!

Jonny: Brilliant! Because I don’t want you to see that because it’s the first thing I do, I draw it really lightly first. So what do pirates have on their heads?

Kids: Hat!

Jonny: With feathers?

Kids: Yeah

[Kids shout]

Jonny: And sometimes they have bandanas as well so I’ll draw a bandana. A nice spotty bandana.

Jonny: They’re his eyebrows.

[Kids laugh]

Kids: Nice bushy eyebrows!

Jonny: So what about his eyes?

[Kids shout ideas]

Jonny: I’ll draw a big nose.

Kids: An eye-patch on one eye.

Jonny: An eye-patch on one eye? He’s got hairy nostrils. That’s his nose. He can have an eye-patch on this eye then.

[Kids shout ideas]

Jonny: An earring! I’ll have to give him an ear first won’t I. So he can have an earring. What about their teeth? Do pirates clean their teeth? So he can have black teeth. Because pirates love eating chocolate so they get really black teeth.

Jonny: So he’s got to have a beard. There, it can be a nice curly beard, with a bow in it. Right, so, a fish. That’s a fish skeleton in his beard.

Jonny: What about…what should he have in his hands? I’ll do his hands first.

[Kids shout]

Kids: A hook!

Kids: What are you drawing?

Jonny: This is his hook.

Kids: Oh that is a good hook.

Jonny: And why do pirates have hooks again?

Kids: They might have had their hands chopped off.

Jonny: They might have had their hands chopped off! So what about his other hand? There’s his hook in that hand.

Kids: Cutlass!

Jonny: Cutlasses. So I’ll do a cutlass in this hand.

[Kids shout]

Jonny: And cutlasses were really long, really straight swords.

Jonny: Because he looks a bit like me I’ll give him a big tummy. He can have a big belt, he can have a sash.

Kids: It doesn’t look like you!

Jonny: Are you sure? That’s like my nose though isn’t it?

Kids: No!

Kids: A compass!

Jonny: A compass?

Kids: Yes!

Jonny: He can have just a hanging compass, like that.

Kids: Peg-leg!

Jonny: So he’s got some trousers that are stripey.

Kids: Yeah do a rip

Jonny: Oh ripped. Yeah so they are ripped there look.

[Kids shout]

Jonny: A boot on this one? So we’ve still got his tatty trousers, and pirates have these big boots that are folded over a bit.

Kids: That took forever!

Kids: It looks really good.

Jonny: It didn’t take forever!

[Kids shout]

Jonny: Shall I draw anything on the ground?

Kids: Yeah a bottle

Jonny: A bottle?

Kids: With a map in it

Jonny: Hmmmm. Where shall i put the bottle? Just on the floor? There’s the bottle. Anything else?

Kids: And a parrot on his shoulder!

Jonny: A parrot?

Kids: Yeah!

Jonny: There we are. There’s a baby parrot on his shoulder. These are dubloons. If you can’t see them, look they’re there. That’s a really small treasure chest.

Jonny: Shall I leave him like that?

Kids: Yeah!

Jonny: Phew! And that’s just what it’s like being an illustrator. You draw things and everyone goes “draw this, draw that, draw this, draw that” just like you lot did. Just the same!

[Kids clap]

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