Joey Barton Discusses What He Would Do If He Wasn’t A Footballer

Joey Barton Discusses What He Would Do If He Wasn’t A Footballer

Joey Barton Discusses Other Things He Would Have Liked to Have Done Besides Football Transcript

If you could have done something else in your life what would you have done?

I don’t know. I kinda like the fantasy of being somebody who goes on expeditions, like Everest, like Polar expeditions; somebody who actually risks their life on things that they do. I don’t know why I say that. With having two kids now it’s probably something I wouldn’t do but before I had kids I really wanted to climb Everest. I’ve watched and I’ve read many many things about people climbing mountains above 8,000 feet and I think if Sport Relief or someone came to me and asked me to climb Everest or K2 I’d probably have a go at it.

My Mrs probably wouldn’t like to hear me say that but there’s a side of me… there’s a very old and wise guy I know who sailed around the world on a nautical expedition and I’m kind of slightly envious of him. It’s something I’d love to do, something where you might not come back from that, kind of is really heart on your sleeve. I shouldn’t really say that having two children but if I could go to, if someone said ‘do you want to go on a spaceship to the moon?’, I’d probably say yeah. I mean I’d have to check with my wife first but it’s something I’d like to do. I kind of think you find out an awful lot about yourself as a human being when you’re at the extremities of your character. I certainly have and I would really really like to explore that further but as I say, I’m probably not going to be allowed to anymore!

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