Jane Means: How to Wrap an Awkwardly Shaped Present

Jane Means: How to Wrap an Awkwardly Shaped Present

Jane Means: How to Wrap an Awkwardly Shaped Present Transcript

I’m Jane Means and I’m the gift wrapping style expert for WHSmith, and in this project I’m going to wrap this satchel.

For it, your materials should include some wrapping paper, I’ve also pre-cut some cellophane for extra stability, and I’m also going to be using my tape, a pre-made bow, scissors and a gift tag.

My satchel will be laid flat. I’m going to bring the wrapping around the satchel, and that rough edge to finish off I’m actually going to fold under. I’m going to use some scotch tape just to hold it in place.

This is what I call my finishing seam, and I would like to hide that wherever possible. So I’m going to pre-position this first of all, probably at the bottom of the bag. The remainder will then be tucked underneath. So it’s important to get your positioning ready. I’m going to add some double-sided tape to secure, roughly the width of the satchel. Remove the tape and stick.

I’m now going to crease and fold the sides. Do some crease marks, grab all of the wrapping at the sides and I’m then going to fold the paper over. If you fold it over once you’ve then got this rough edge so fold it over again. I’m then going to secure with some tape. I’m placing the tape at the ends. Repeat the same the other end.

Once you’ve stuck the sides I’m going to turn the satchel over. I’m then adding my gift tag, lay it on, I’m then going to add my pre-made bow.

And there is our wrapped satchel.

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