Jane Means: How to Wrap a Plant

Jane Means: How to Wrap a Plant

Jane Means: How to Wrap a Plant Transcript

I’m Jane Means – the gift wrapping style expert for WHSmith – and in this project we are tackling a plant. They can often be a real nightmare to wrap, but I love this WHSmith silver mesh paper. It’s fantastic for those awkward shapes as it moulds around the shape beautifully.

I’ve pre-cut my mesh paper into a square. I’m grabbing my ribbon and I’m going to roughly measure how much I need to tie the ribbon around the plant and also allow some extra for a bow.

The first thing you’re not going to do is just grab all of the wrapping randomly and throw it around the present, it’s a bit more formal than that.

I’m going to take my hands around the back, grab the edge and I’m going to start lifting the wrapping up. You’re going to struggle with this because you’ve only got one pair of hands, so it’s a good idea for one of the hands to actually hold the plant in place, and then just very gently bringing up the mesh paper.

You might find it easier to swap hands, rotate the plant around, and just keep gathering all of the edges. Any baggy areas of the wrapping you can simply just pull up with a bit of tension.

I’m then going to grab my ribbon and place it around the plant.

I’m now going to tie the ribbon into a small bow.

If you have any excess paper and it looks unbalanced, just trim it off with a sharp pair of scissors. Also you need to finish the ribbon by cutting the ends neatly.

And there is your wrapped plant.

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