Jane Means: How to Wrap a Bundle of Gifts

Jane Means: How to Wrap a Bundle of Gifts

Jane Means: How to Wrap a Bundle of Gifts Transcript

I’m Jane Means, gift wrapping style expert for WHSmith, I’m going to be wrapping a book but it’s quite tricky to wrap because there’s not very much height to it and it does get rather fiddly. So for this project I’m going to be using some festive paper, as well as my double sided tape and my scissors.

To start off, I’ve just folded under one edge and added some double sided tape. I’m going to lift that edge up and line it with the edge of the book. So you’re effectively working backwards.

The remainder of the paper I’m going to slot underneath. It’s a good idea as well, just to get your finger and thumb and crease the edges so you don’t lose your footing. You’re then going to remove the double sided tape and stick.

When it comes to the sides often I recommend when you’re wrapping a box, you never want the paper to catch when you push it down, like so. And this is happening both sides so what I’m actually doing is seeing how much excess paper I’ve got by using my fingers, and I can see that I’ve got a little bit too much wrapping at the top here. So I’m going to cut that off, just at the top, and taper it. And repeat the same the other side.

I’m now going to fold the sides neatly, so all I’m doing is pushing the top down, taking my fingers right into those corners and creasing it as I go along. As you can see it’s quite fiddly because of the lack of height, so I’m going to swing in both corners. And repeat the same the other side.

What I’m now doing is lifting the side flaps up and I’m just doing a crease mark where the top of the book is. And repeat the other side. Using the crease marks I’m going to fold the paper under and repeat the same the other side. Using your double sided tape, add it over the whole edge. Repeat the same the other side.

You’re then peeling away the tape. If you have got any excess double sided tape hanging off the edge, as I have in this one, just simply fold it back with your finger to get rid of it.

I’m then going to lift the sides up and stick. And by doing that trick, you’ve got the sides completely flushed to the top of the book.

And there is our wrapped book.

And let the fun begin, I’m now going to add our book into our pile of gifts.

I’ve sorted them into size order, into an attractive pyramid. I’ve also used different papers just to really maximize the effect. So i’m going to slot the book in the center.

I’m using two ribbons that look good together, so i’m using a Merry Christmas and a dot, and i’m going to form them into a cross. I’m then adding the gifts onto the crossroads of ribbon.

I’m then going to grab the first ribbon hold the two ends together and tie. I’m tying once, nice and tight, and then I’m going to tie again to make a knot. And if you can, try and make sure both of the sides show the dots.

The other ribbon is then going to come around and again i’m going to hold the two ends, tie the ribbons over the top. You can add a gift tag if you wish. I’m going to use some holly, and we have the choice of using some holly toppers but today i’m going to use natural holly out of the garden.

First thing i’m going to do is lay the holly side by side, and tie it in with my ribbon. But I’ve only got one pair of hands so it’s a really good idea just to tie your little finger. Remove your finger and slot the holly inside and pull tight.

With the remainder of the ribbon, I’m then going to tie an attractive bow. If the ends are slightly unbalanced, all you have to do is trim the ribbon down so they match the same. And if you want that perfect v, all you do is fold the ribbon in half and cut at an angle.

And there we have our wrapped collection of gifts.

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